Me as Mori Girl by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look. Styling by Adelita Style, Graphics by Kimchee-Girl

My current issue of the Japanese magazine Spoon features a small set of Mori Girl pictures but, the "forest girl" movement has been building momentum for over 3 years now through social net community Mixi. Here I am in the forest trying my best to layer flowing cotton with wool. A Honey and Clover Manga is waiting for me behind that tree. To achieve this look, I began with a vintage cotton slip peaking out from beneath my Zeto babydoll dress in muslin and a lavender Kensie sweater and leggings from Sucre with brown leg warmers keep me warm. The forest can be quite chilly anytime of year.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Why such a sad face? Well it's not just the fact that I slammed my thumb into the closet while I was putting my styling kit away. Let's say it's been a trying week again. Don't we all have them? Just put on a babydoll like this one from ZETO and some flip flops. You've seen this dress before but this time I made it new with a fabulous "prize ribbon" that I made from MIDORI ribbon (the finest) and a beautiful cameo button. And do you see the great IKEA cross shaped ice? The simplest things can take the pain away. Like writing this post. I am smiling again. : )

Haley Potter and the Half Blood Princess by Kamie Kahlo

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Guess what I saw today!? My version of Scary Potter is a little less spooky. I am wearing a crazy cut off men's shirt from African design label XULY BET. It's one of the first pieces I ordered after seeing it in a magazine. Was it Vogue? I can't remember, I only know it's from the early 90's and Helena Christensen was the model. (If you don't know who she is, think of the Chris Isaak video "Wicked Games" and if you don't know the video kids, you will just have to YouTube it!) The tie is a clip-on from FRENCH TOAST and the glasses are from TARGET's line of Halloween accessories. Both are borrowed from LIL STAR. Beneath the tie and cut off shirt is my favorite babydoll dress from ZETO. About the movie... Do you think I liked it? Well, why else would I wear this silly outfit? Of course I did!! By the way, which photo collage is your favorite?

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Sorry for the late post today. I was styling at a photoshoot. Since it was on form, I had to be comfy. I chose my favorite little dress from ZETO over my favorite 1969 jeans from THE GAP. (Let 'er rip! I love this look, very bohemian.) The crocheted jacket is vintage and the earrings are TARINA TARANTINO carved lucite and crystal discs in ivory. Lil Star made me this adorable friendship bracelet that I am wearing as a choker.

Today's Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

ZETO muslin babydoll that I had dyed- don't you love the cool irregularities? I do!! THREE DOTS black leggings, HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle boots- yes, we had a motorcycle when I bought them circa before the birth of my daughter, boys size RALPH LAUREN POLO puffy jacket, black patent leather KOOBA handbag. Around my neck is a necklace that I bought from CONTEMPO CASUALS, circa 80's