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In Eclipse, Bella is once again faced with the decision: Edward or Jacob. Don't we all feel the same feelings about what to wear? Our closet encloses a kind of Eclipse of the Heart, darkness needing to be unmasked. We too are torn by our many needs and emotions. Well turn on the light girls! At one point in Twilight's latest saga, Jacob hands Bella a hand carved charm of a wolf. When Edward sees it dangling from her delicate bracelet, he offers a crystal heart to our heroine. I say do what Bella does, she attaches the second charm to her bracelet, she wears them both. Don't make a decision, wear it all, go with your heart and let your impulsive fashionista dictate your next move...

Decisions, Decisions by Adelita Style featuring Etro bags

Dream Catcher Knit Top, $18
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for BP. Sleeveless Plaid Shirt, $38
Wildfox The Lady is a Vamp Cut-Off Tank in Clean White, $59
Shop Vocal Brand Clothing Women's Tribal Fleur de Lis Tank Top Black, $34
Wildfox Fantastic Fangs Tank Dress in Metal Black, $89
This Week | NET-A-PORTER.COM, $2,995
!iT JEANS 'Billie' Shorts, $42
Theola silk-crepe mini skirt, $220
black polina fur platform boot, $924
Hype Helen Studded Clutch, $95 twilight: Jewelry, $10 twilight: Jewelry, $20
Alkemie + Wolf Ring, $140
"Wolf" Cushion - Smells Like Home - Shop Departments - Strawberry and..., 105 GBP
Make your own Dream Catchers : Factory Direct Craft Blog
Fresh Foliage Vol 1 Vectors by Designfruit, $9
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack Music CD, $12
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for BP. 'Camp Cullen' Boyfriend Tee, $30
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for BP. 'Forever JB' V-Neck Tee, $30
Tan Suede Native American Style Boots - Vintage clothing from Rokit -...
ASOS | ASOS Faux Fur Leopard Ears Hairband at ASOS, 15 EUR
RUBI ROCKET BLOOD BARRETTE in Hair Goods at Sourpuss Clothing, $8
Crystal Bridal Accessories - Pearl and Crystal Tiara, 55 GBP
Fox-fur-trim leather bag, Etro
Twilight Bracelet
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