Bring Me a Unicorn! by Kamie Kahlo

Sammy, my 12 lb baby brother, has an assortment of toys. This morning he decided to destroy a pink fluffy treat. I know that eating horses seems cruel but when it's mythilogical and stuffed with cotton... Well, maybe just this once. 

Your Very Own Unicorn by Kamie Kahlo

Etsy sells magic.
I've always wanted my very own unicorn. And now, thanks to xmoonbloom, I can get one without casting a spell, sprinkles of fairy dust, traveling back in time or entering frightening unknown territories or mystic lands. You can too. All you need is a pet, any small cat or dog will do. Don't have one? Pull out your little stuffy from the back of the closet and strap on this sweet crocheted bonnet, "an hour of stitched perfection." Voila! Instant Unicorn!