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RED ALERT! Kate Moss's Final Topshop line (Or is it?) by Kamie Kahlo

Recieved this disturbing bit of news yesterday from WWD:
GOODBYE, BUT NOT FAREWELL: Kate Mossunveiled her last official collection for Topshop at the brand’s Oxford Circus flagship in London on Monday night. A crowd of about 200 shoppers who had been invited to the event filled the Kate Moss space, taking pictures of the model, grabbing fistfuls of clothing and listening to DJ Wildcat Will’s tunes. 
The collection — comprised of 109 styles — will be sold in Topshop stores worldwide as of today. Topshop owner Sir Philip Green said he and Moss would continue working together. “I’m not going anywhere and neither is she,” he said. “This collection still works, and our relationship hasn’t ended. But we now need to go away for a while, and think about how to do things differently. This collection takes a lot of hard work — she wants to do other things and so do I — but our relationship is as strong as ever.”
Green, accompanied by his daughter Chloe, who has just begun to work at Topshop’s parent Arcadia Group, said the collection was set to remain on the shop floor for three to four weeks — if it doesn’t sell out sooner. The new collection features some of Moss’ bestsellers and some limited edition items such as the floor-length emerald green gown. The bulk of the collection is new, however, and includes sequinned jackets, embroidered or fur-trimmed dresses, dramatic black feather stoles, fitted cardigans and lots of flower-print dresses.
This could mean a run at the banks for stylislady's checking accounts! The good news? If you didn't get it the first time, you can get it now. Many of the iconic pieces that sold out the first time around are now available again, but hurry! For God's sake HURRY!

Now You See It, Now You Don't! by Kamie Kahlo

Exactly how do I miss these things? TopShop sells out of styles faster than you can say, "Kate Moss!" They temp me with photos with items that are no longer available. I drool over missed opportunities like this, their Parisian Wedge by Boutique. Anyone that knows me, knows I am forever in love with anything Antoinette, anything luxe and everything Parisian. While my two hands are typing my head is rhythmically pounding on the wall. Goodbye beautiful shoe! I knew you not but wish I did. Sigh.

Happy Holidays from Adelita Style! by Kamie Kahlo

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We all wish you the happiest of Holidays!!! I am wearing my vintage chubby jacket with a Kate Moss TOPSHOP beaded tank and jeans, UGG boots to keep me snuggly, TARINA TARANTINO Tokyo Hardcore bag by my side. And our fabulous feature designer HAYLEY WAKEFIELD of MYRETROPOLITAN available at Etsy contributed these super fun Lady Gaga paper earrings that you have to have! SEAN WATSON as photographer! Me as model! Snoopy as dog model and rug!

(S)Miley or K(l)amie? by Kamie Kahlo

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So, I decided to take the lastest issue of Glamour and recreate one of the amazing photos of my latest obsession, Miley Cyrus. This billion-dollar babe posed with her sweet Sophie wearing a blazer and skirt by LOUIS VUITTON, her booties are CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. For my version, I borrowed Mara's super cool fringed jacket from KATE MOSS TOPSHOP and tied it around my waist and a SHARON SEGAL keyhole dress with my new pointy toed, peep show shoes from SHOEDAZZLE! Miley is definitely WAY more adorable and well lit than me but, I have to say my little Maltese wins by a nose over Miley's Malti-poo. Cuz my Snoopy is CA-YOOT!!

Sources: glamour

Kate Moss Tip Time. by Kamie Kahlo

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Take it from a girl who is known for her sense of style all over the world, (No not me silly!) KATE MOSS, you can always look good and you don't have to break the bank doing it. Scan the great tips below from Kate and if you missed TOPSHOP's Kate Moss SS09 the first time around, they've got more in stock!!

"Never look like you’ve tried too hard - or rather don’t try too hard! Mismatching can add a much more personal touch to an outfit.

"Mix old with new - the options are endless and it’s good to make it your own vision. Recently for a friends wedding, I paired a beautiful Chanel maxi dress with an antique blue velvet cape and a pair of huge Turkish hoop-earrings which gave the dress a totally unique feel.

"Don’t take a vintage or second-hand piece on face value as it can be altered in so many ways. I’ve lopped the hem off many full-length gowns and made necklines lower. It does help to have a genius dress maker, otherwise just do it yourself


Girl Bands by Kamie Kahlo

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Did South Korean nine-member girl band Girls’ Generation (fans usually refer to the group as SNSD, the acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae) just add another singer? The original members include (in order of official announcement) Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (the leader), Jessica, and Sunny. Kamie was a natural addition to make SNSD a ten-member girl group! After all with similar backgrounds through acting, DJ-ing, and modeling, wouldn’t Kamie be the perfect fit? Well, not really.

I am definitely NOT the tenth pickup to this adorable group. (There isn’t one.) But, haven’t you ever wished you could be in your own girl band? This is one dream that countless girls share. It has been my “castle in the sky” for decades. (Won’t tell you how many. Too shocking.) When I was 10, my sister and I would put on our own backyard variety shows and invited the neighbors to view our lip-syncing abilities. I would daydream endlessly about appearing on talk and variety shows. I practiced my responses as much as I would practice actually singing.

Today, I still practice, in my head of course, just what I will say when being interrogated on Oprah or Chelsea Lately. I begged my husband to buy me a Fender Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar for my birthday and I intend on playing it. Sean and I even did this photoshoot to demonstrate that, at least aesthetically; I might just be a good fit. And maybe, just maybe, someday soon you will see me in my own girl band called Adelita.

Sources: Korean Arena Magazine
Contributors: Kamie Kahlo as stylist and model, Sean Watson as photographer