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Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

Rearranging the living room to make way for our tree! The day after Thanksgiving is all about leftovers and Christmas decorations. And, for some of you, it's also about BLACK FRIDAY. I shop all the time, it's what I do for a living constantly looking for props. I think I will sit this shopping day out, too tuckered to deal with the lines and the chaos. I slipped on my footless tights from TARGET, an ancient mini skirt and ballet top, and a THREE DOTS baby doll as I moved my vintage chandelier and little deer to their new spots. Happy leftovers, happy decorating and happy shopping!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Okay, get ready... I am officially entering my black period. I may mix it up with grays and I might take a walk over to creams and browns if I am feeling particularly colorful but it will mostly be about black on black on black. Texture and textiles. I don't usually tell you what to do but, you MUST take a look at this image closeup so don't forget to click on it before you leave! Today I will be carrying my KOOBA patent leather handbag and inside it my TANO oversized wallet and HK KUROMI keys. Taking me there will be my wedding shoes. Yes! I wore these amazing, fantastic RICHARD TYLER satin pumps in black when D and I eloped, in fact I wore all black. (Have to show you that picture later.) And keeping me warm, layers; THREE DOTS leggings, BEBE slit pinstriped mini, THREE DOTS long sleeve leaf print top, a vintage butterfly shell and my new XHILARATION faux lamb gilet. Since it's getting darn chilly I will bring my FOREVER21 faux leather jacket for backup. And in case anyone is looking, I am wearing the classic OPI polish in Lincoln Park After Dark.

Ask Adelita: Indian Summer by Kamie Kahlo

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Dear Adelita Style:

I'm new to the area helping a couple of lost travelers named Lewis and Clark discover your great territory. What does a girl wear for one of the last days of Seattle's Indian Summer?

"Sacagawea"- North Dakota

Dear Little Indian Princess:

You are a smart gal to stop and ask for style directions. (Guys can be so frustrating when it comes to that!) A fresh eyelet top from France, black THREE DOTS capri leggings, black ballet slippers from TARGET, accessorize with fabulous handmade prize ribbon pin and bubblegum pink!
You are sure to dazzle your clients and soak up some Northwest sun!

History lesson: Sacagawea was a career girl way back in the 1800's. This Shoshane woman along with her husband was the guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition conducted by two fellas, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. On their long trek from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, Clark finally refers to Sacaqawea as "Janey" after she decides where they will camp. Was this a nickname derived from admiration of her intellect and outdoors-woman know how or simple adoration? I prefer the romance angle myself. Here is a cool read: Sacagawea's Nickname

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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The mirror never lies. Today it tells me I am wearing a feathery silk hombre babydoll over my THREE DOTS capri leggings. The mirror, lamp base, and bust are all vintage. The camera I am holding is a fabulous NIKON D40, it's what I take all my photos with.

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Had a great quick jaunt to Cali for the weekend. Happy Birthday Sugeeeee!! And let me give a shout out to Mako too! So what do I wear for the long drive out of the desert and the plane ride back to Seattle? Some great finds from FOREVER 21! One of their great long tanks in a delicious plum color underneath a sweet HERITAGE 1981 super soft printed tee. Meow. I'm wearing my THREE DOT leggings in navy and my XHILARATION ballet flats from TARGET. (Perfect for slipping off in the security line.) It's all about comfort.

5-Day Pick Up Kitty Style by Kamie Kahlo

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Sadly, this is our last kitty blog for this week. Since I post my outfits every day, some of you may have been wondering, "What did she wear this week?" Take a look at this 5-day Pick Up. True to our theme, I wore something Hello Kitty every day. Monday was a SUCRE SOIR butterfly top in jade with a brown tank top underneath and a small crystal framed PINKHEAD necklace. Tuesday I had an interview and shopping for a photoshoot so I dressed a little more professional: THREE DOT super soft modal faux wrap, MAE wool city shorts, my BUFFALO EXCHANGE boots and a special PINK HEAD ponytail necklace. Wednesday was my casual day. I wore a HOLLISTER pink terry tube top and my favorite PINK HEAD rainbow necklace with chunky lucite chain. Thursday I paired my PETRO ZILLIA silk striped shirt with my LTB skinny jeans and STREETS AHEAD pink cowhide belt with crystals, on top was the famous PINK HEAD necklace worn by CAMERON DIAS. Finally, Friday was another comfy day, picking up props and playing video games with LIL STAR in an exclusive TARINA TARANTINO PINK HEAD super sheer t-shirt!!

Today's Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

ZETO muslin babydoll that I had dyed- don't you love the cool irregularities? I do!! THREE DOTS black leggings, HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle boots- yes, we had a motorcycle when I bought them circa before the birth of my daughter, boys size RALPH LAUREN POLO puffy jacket, black patent leather KOOBA handbag. Around my neck is a necklace that I bought from CONTEMPO CASUALS, circa 80's