T By Alexander Wang by Kamie Kahlo

A mash up of Alexander Wang images
Jewelry designer Mara Fitch has one guilty pleasure- tees by Alexander Wang. When we think of designer, often we think of quality, edgey-ness, and price. But, I assured her, she was right to covet these glorious finds and at $8o for a silk tee, it turns out to be an affordable pleasure. Add a few of these oversized classics to your dresser drawers via Nordstrom. And by the way, they make the perfect canvas for one of Mara's antique brass necklaces!

Good evening. How many? by Kamie Kahlo

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I'm no Taiwanese babe but I'll sure try! Puffy is the name of a clothing line from the largest island in the Republic of China. All their clothing comes one size or 'free size' as they say. My size! Yipee! The shirt says, "Good evening. How many?" Is this the tiger making a reference to having you for dinner? Not sure. Probably just bad translation. At any rate, I'll bite!

P.S. This is the worst picture I could find of the girl. I just couldn't help it. Even so, ain't she the cutest?!

A Little Somethin by Kamie Kahlo

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Here's a little somethin I 've been working on here in my studio at home. This Adelita Tee is waiting to be hand-sewn. I embellished this nude tank with adorable gingham and eyelit lace around the arm wholes to give a butterfly look to the "sleeves" and under the neckline for a bib effect. In the center of the bib are three Frida Kahlo buttons. They are from the paintings she did of herself in traditional Tehuana costume.