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Blue Leopard by Kamie Kahlo

I had a little visitor a week or so ago. Yuki is my nephew; a darling little deer chihuahua. He was very curious about my new closet-slash-guest room. It's the perfect staging area for prepping for photo shoots. This particular day was more about prepping for, well, me! I was feeling especially cat-like that Saturday because of my super-sexy blue leopard zip-up dress from BB Dakota. This dress is from a couple of seasons ago but, it was sitting in my closet with the tags on! Shhh. Yuki was such a big help with choosing my accessories: Tarina Tarintino bracelet and necklace with Richard Tyler satin pumps. (I always love a visitors opinion.) Happy dressing until next time!

Adelita Style Shopping List for Summer by Kamie Kahlo

My summer shopping list always consists of color. And for this photoshoot with David Bell at Studio 3, Inc. I loaded my car up with fresh grass, my Yorkie Jelly Bean and a few of my favorite things:

From the top yummy pink Necco Wafers, Tarina Tarantino bangle, TT Tokyo Hardware handbag, my classic iPod, pink drugstore sunglasses, Jelly Bean modeling a LouisDog sweater, Hat Attack spilling with Japanese comics, dollar store finds, my baby doll from when I was 5-years-old (I finally took the netting off for this shoot!), Noir crocheted pins and a handful of TT PinkHead jewelry, my Cochni glittery sandals and a delicious Raz-Dillo cream filled snack cake!!

Most of these items are long gone but you may be able to ebay some. If you want to fill your bag with fun, colorful items, go to my website, www.adelitastyle.com/shopping for links to of-the-moment must haves.
 Love, Kamie

Fashionable Lip Gloss that won't Roll Off by Kamie Kahlo

Model is wearing Candy Cameo Ring
Electric Butterfly, what a treat!
Countless numbers of lip glosses are hiding beneath car seats, rolling endlessly down city streets and made there way behind toilet seats. Not a problem with Tarina Tarantino's Lip Gloss Fashion Rings! Your finger need never be naked and your lips will never be bare again. I love Candy Cameo in tangy cherry, Victorian Punk in sumptuos grape and Tokyo Hardcore in mouth watering honeydew, but you can also try Bibarucci in pale gold or Electric Butterfly in orange! You can also get them at Sephora.

Garage Sale Chic by Kamie Kahlo

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In the summer I scower the city for garage sales and it's rare that I would expect to find anything but my next knick-knack. A couple of weekends ago I scored some cute clothing purchases from an oh-so-typical hippie from Queen Anne. Under a mound of pilly tops, there it was, $2 for a great asian patterned tank! No pills on this one but the perfect amount of fading and stretched out cotton sung to me. I asked the girl if I could have it for $1.50 instead so that I could grab a coffee after. What an unexpected treasure. I wore it today with my F21 $2.50 tank top, seems like so much paleez, my skinny jeans, my new hooded sandals, a Tarina Tarantino wooden necklace and bracelet and hidden in the back of my closet was an old Kymio slat jacket that I ripped the shoulder pads out of. Funny how you can feel all new in something old.

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

For last night's BBQ I took advantage of our great weather and wore a mini skirt with an ethnic print from F21, my top was an old tee with flutter sleeves that I found while cleaning out my drawers. The hooded sandals were a great purchase from Lovely People. I chose some chunky Tarina Tarantino wood hoop earrings and a bracelet with tiny amber crystals to tie into the ethnic theme. Lastly found an old Egg Magazine laying around and paged through to find a fun anime eye tutorial! Don't I look so Oneegyarugyaru who has graduated from high school, and thus become a more mature onee-san (お姉ギャル): a (literally "elder sister" but, here, "young lady"). Her style is more sophisticated.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

Making business plans for the new year! This calls for inspiration. Next to me is the CUTE OVERLOAD daily calendar, I'm wearing my TARINA TARANTINO earrings and BEBE ring and of course my little Jelly Bean is bouncing around on the carpet below me. I am wearing a darling little bat-wing sweater that I just got from a sweet little boutique that just opened up on 1959 6th Ave W @ W Crockett St called MEADOW. The prices are great and the atmosphere is darling! My friend Erin even gave me those sweet little deer silhouettes that she bought from the same store! If you are up on the hill in Queen Anne, drop by and see what's in store.

Happy Holidays from Adelita Style! by Kamie Kahlo

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We all wish you the happiest of Holidays!!! I am wearing my vintage chubby jacket with a Kate Moss TOPSHOP beaded tank and jeans, UGG boots to keep me snuggly, TARINA TARANTINO Tokyo Hardcore bag by my side. And our fabulous feature designer HAYLEY WAKEFIELD of MYRETROPOLITAN available at Etsy contributed these super fun Lady Gaga paper earrings that you have to have! SEAN WATSON as photographer! Me as model! Snoopy as dog model and rug!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

A couple of weekends ago festivities included a swell time at the Rendezvous' JewelBox Theater for the 6th ANNUAL V.V. CHALLENGE! This is my 3rd thriftstore fashion show charity challenge as a judge. This year's event charity was WHEEL, a great organization for homeless women here in Seattle. But don't let the serious nature of the charity fool you; This event is all about fun and frivolity! Contestants walked down the runway of the theatre in thriftstore finds like Pattern Man in his layers of animal print, plaid, stars and stripes. The lady of the evening "Tina Kardashian," the 6th sister, donned a fabulous black velvet floor-length gown with billowy gold lame sleeves, a froed-out pony tail wig and super dark sunglasses. My "date" for the evening Dana even won a prize for best sport. She dug into the grab bag of miscellaneous used clothing and came out looking super cute! All this thrifty madness is emceed by "Candy Cane" and her two man friends, Don and . I decided to join in the fun and wore my hair parted in piggy tails fastened by homemade large black pom poms, a TARINA TARANTINO anywhere flower clip in hot pink sparkled up my side part, TT's skull heart crystal necklace floated over my black l/s dress and leggings, neon hot pink and black ruffled leg warmers graced my sticks and it was demi point all night in my Mercedes tippy toe shoe boots from SHOEDAZZLE thanks to Tina's sister Kim Kardashian!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

Punk icon Iggy Pop of the famed 70's Detroit band the Stooges came to mind today when I threw on my t-shirt from H&M. The torrential downpour that gave Seattle it's reputation is screaming into our ears and eyes much like a punk band. That's why my FOREVER21 harem pants that I just got with Mara were the perfect tuck-in for my vintage boots. And I didn't forget to accessorize, TARINA TARANTINO's Queen Alice Necklace shows how much I heart the Stooges!

A Visit to Dana's Not-So-Humble Abode by Kamie Kahlo

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This day was all about Dana’s new jade necklace. What to wear? I dug through her closet and found the perfect compliment! A pretty little red sweater with black ruffle detail, fabulous skinnies, sweet square-toed wine mary janes, all vintage of course. My gift to the hostess was a bottle of champagne with a hot pink ribbon that I found in my purse tied around the neck. I wore my TARINA flower with crystal detail, FRANKIE B jeans, a floral blouse from FOREVER 21, EC STAR crossed gun embroidered sweater and Mommy’s vintage burgundy pumps. What a beautiful day on the dock of Dana’s not-so-humble abode.

I Want This! by Kamie Kahlo

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I want these chairs! If it's good enough for BARBIE, it's good enough for me. I can only dream of sitting in these fabulous corseted, tutu-ed, Barbie covered slipper chairs with my TARINA TARANTINO BARBIE jewelry on. I can only envision myself combing my original Malibu Barbie's straightened locks, carefully pulling down her purple tinted sunglasses over her dreamy blue eyes. Ahhh, what a delightful fantasy. Or is it? There aren't many things that would make me want to go to Las Vegas but knowing that the Malibu Barbie Dream house furniture from Jonathan Adler's tribute for Barbie's 50th Birthday is just sitting there in a suite at the PALMS CASINO RESORT in Las Vegas is enough to make me want to book a VIRGIN ticket this moment! Dana, pack your pink pumps and lets jet!

inspiration: MATERIAL GIRLS

From Inspiration to Translation: Antoinette by Kamie Kahlo

Just in case you forgot what we were all about, click on this image for a closer look! Old and new, romance and cuteness. I was inspired by Marie Antoinette. So for this shot, I styled our model Rainbow in a borrowed layercake dress, surrounded her with several beautiful antiques assembled from Lisa's "s**t sprawl" (her words, not mine.) Then I finished it all up with a beautiful TARINA TARANTINO Barbie necklace.

Contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Rainbow as model, and Kamie Kahlo as hair, makeup, wardrobe and prop stylist and art director and graphic designer.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Today I thought about how quickly things change. Going to the market meant arriving. You came home with a paper or plastic bag with logos all over it full of goodies. Now we bring our own bags to fill. This is where we should all take advantage of the opportunity presented to us. I know I did! Trick out your summer trip to the market. My bag is a great oversized straw bag from HAT ATTACK. It's the perfect compliment to a gal's summer wardrobe, like this adorable plaid babydoll from TARGET. Just be sure to pair it with fun accessories! I'm wearing my TARINA TARANTINO Hello Kitty Pinkhead bubblegum necklace and bracelet.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Today's outfit is designed for cloudy weather. FOREVER 21 top in a fabulous irregular print, TARGET leggings, a darling little half cardigan with a puppy embroidered on it and around my neck sits my favorite TARINA TARANTINO butterfly necklace, this necklace was worn in turquoise and green in the movie 13 GOING ON 30!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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What does a girl choose to go with her Japanese nail art and a sweet issue of VIVI Magazine? For me, I chose a GILLIGAN and O'MALLEY eyelet tank, my ADELITA wrap skirt in baby pink gingham with lace trim and an adorable toile pocket, some YUM POP flip flops, and a TARINA TARANTINO HELLO KITTY PINKHEAD ponytail necklace.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Today I was running errands! I wore my ADELITA red, ruffle dress, BRASS PLUM shoes from 100-years ago and 2 TARINA TARANTINO rose and owl lucite bracelets. What was in my shopping bags? "Commons & Sense" magazine from Japan, a bag of Strawberry Wafers from Taiwan, Badtz Maru long gum, Rilakkuma panty shields packaged in teddy bear-printed plastic from Japan (I couldn't resist), a giant pink air freshener from Japan, YanYan cream sticks in strawberry with fun little sayings etched into the sticks like, "You are lucky today- Goat" from Japan, "love com, the movie" a japanese movie based on the Manga by Aya Nakahara, Kiddy's Dream chopsticks that I will wear in my hair and finally a HELLO KITTY lipgloss packaged inside a tiny soda bottle!

Café Ole or Take it Black by Kamie Kahlo

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Early this particular morning, I was faced with a decision; Do I wear color or put on this city’s uniform standard spanning from brown to black? I wore my favorites and then, I ran into two lovely girls in front of the coffee shop. Natalia and Maiensy stylishly flanked me in a sea of black. And while black can be a strong cup of confidence as these girls prove, I said, “Make mine a Café Ole!”

I wore my turq tank that I customized with a spicy yellow trim bib filled with multi-sized tomato-red buttons, a vintage cardigan with vivid stripes, a TARINA TARANTINO strawberry clip, a NOIR friendship charm necklace, my special edition LE SPORTSAC TOKI DOKI mini purse and my FRANKIE B rainbow jeans. I grounded all of this color with a pair of vintage cream suede HUSH PUPPIES. ¡Vivir una vida colorida! (Life is colorful!)

Contributors: Sean Watson- photographer