Missoni for Target: Revisited by Kamie Kahlo

I've never waited in line, fought or pushed and shoved for a chance at a piece of clothing and I'm not about to start. There is plenty to go around. Millions of designs, thousands of designers. So why or why ladies did you get up this morning at the crack of dawn so you could get to Target and get your Missoni on when EVERYONE will be wearing the SAME thing?

Sean and I arrived at around 9 a.m. Sure, I didn't want to pass up a chance to grab a little fools gold (aka Missoni-ala-Cheap) but what we saw was shocking! We saw NOTHING! Racks were bare, shelves were naked. Nothing but retail tumbleweeds under any signs that read Missoni. But plenty of shopping carts were full.
“Did you see that woman’s cart? OMG- so piled high with sweaters and skirts and scarves and something rubber!" I squealed. 
"Did I just see some kind of Kleenex box with Missoni print?" Sean asked "Do these ladies really think they are gonna fool anyone... with a Kleenex box?" 
"I'm definitely taking a picture of her basket... Wait... Did she just take a picture of her own basket?!"
"Damn, that one has her iPad out with the Target site on it! She's lookin for s*** online!"

We laughed all the way to the coffee shop!

Here's my tip to you all, my favorites, my darlings; If you can get your hot little hands on something from Target's Missoni line, try to make it as "neutral" as possible. I know, I know. It's Missoni, bright colors, zig-zag patterns. What could possibly be "neutral"? What I mean to say is, don't look like everyone else, and I do mean EVERYONE, try to find some pieces that won't scream TARGET Missoni!! Don’t pile it on. Pair it with your own style, your own unique take. And if you can’t, no worries. Just head to your beloved vintage store and look for the real thing. After what I saw today, I’d say your chances are better there.

Under My Umbrella by Kamie Kahlo

Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee
What's Gwyneth got that you don't? A fabulous stylist who put together the ultimate rainy day outfit! But from this fabulous stylist, the secret comes out- For this episode of Glee, Ms. Paltrow is wearing a Merona trench and Zetta tall rain boots in black from Target! Try this combo in green for a fun dash of spring color.

Caught in the Act at Work! by Kamie Kahlo

On my second day at Queen Anne Dispatch, I was approached on the sales floor by another associate, "Would you mind posing for a photo for our blog?"

Clearly, this darling girl did NOT know who she was talking to. "I would LOVE to!" I chuckled. So here I am with an English Saddle tote in my fabulous sheer long white shirt also from the store. I wore it open, tied it in the back and paired it with my Miss Sixty boots. On top I wore a little studded sunshine tee from Target and below... the experiment. I was tired of these outdated jeans sitting in my closet so right before my shift, I grabbed a pair of scissors, lopped off the legs and folded the fray. Voila! Cut-offs! Errr, they ended up being a little tight. Girls, DO try this at home but use an old roomy pair of jeans and spare your thighs the strangle. But, you know me, I never mind suffering a little for fashion!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

Rearranging the living room to make way for our tree! The day after Thanksgiving is all about leftovers and Christmas decorations. And, for some of you, it's also about BLACK FRIDAY. I shop all the time, it's what I do for a living constantly looking for props. I think I will sit this shopping day out, too tuckered to deal with the lines and the chaos. I slipped on my footless tights from TARGET, an ancient mini skirt and ballet top, and a THREE DOTS baby doll as I moved my vintage chandelier and little deer to their new spots. Happy leftovers, happy decorating and happy shopping!

Gaultier Target Collaboration by Kamie Kahlo

Jean Paul Gaultier getting a smooch from Agness Deyn photographed by: Jean-Baptiste Mondino

This just in from WWD! Jean Paul Gaultier to follow Anna Sui's collaboration with Target.! Let's hope this Parisian can pull off designer cheap and chic. I wasn't too thrilled with Sui's line. Someone needs to alert these fabulous designers that inexpensive trendy doesn't have to mean literally "throw-away" clothing. Target seems to do well with their MOSSIMO line but for the past year or so I have been fairly disappointed in their clothing for GO INTERNATIONAL and it's Designer Collaborations. No photos have leaked yet so, cross your fingers girls!
Target confirmed on Monday that Jean Paul Gaultier will be the third in its series of Designer Collaborations, a relatively new concept intended to boost the discounter’s cheap-chic status.

The program features well-established designers who draw inspiration from a collaborative partner, muse or creative element. Designer Collaborations is separate from Target’s Go International initiative.

The exclusive Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection will debut on March 7 in more than 250 stores nationwide and on The collection will be available through April 11. Gaultier’s Designer Collaboration will have a tighter distribution than the last participant, Anna Sui, whose collection was sold in about 600 Target units.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target pays tribute to the American woman, celebrating the forces of style both past and present in American pop culture, the retailer said.

Gaultier, who has always identified with popular culture — producing costumes for Madonna in the Nineties — is known as one of the industry’s master tailors. The designer was one of the first to feature innerwear as outerwear on the runway. He has based many of his collections on street style and ethnic influences.

Target’s Designer Collaborations series kicked off in March with Alexander McQueen, whose McQ Alexander McQueen for Target, was inspired by Liela Moss, lead singer of The Duke Spirit.

Sui followed last month by channeling one of her favorite TV shows, “Gossip Girl.” Sui’s collection included leather jackets for $149.99, metallic jacquard dresses and silk wrap dresses, $59.99, and was in stores through Oct. 17. Target created a pop-up store for Sui at a private four-story town house at 54 Crosby Street in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. It opened to big crowds on Sept. 9 and closed Sept. 11.

It could not be learned whether Target will do a pop-up store for Gaultier as well.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Shopping for antiques at LISA'S is always fun. (If you are in the Seattle area, you HAVE to check out her gorgeous finds today and Saturday at 416 W. Comstock at the top of the hill in Queen Anne.) Since mornings are a bit chilly these days I wore my motorcycle jacket from FOREVER21, HORN skull cigarette jeans, HARLEY DAVIDSON boots, and my customized black tank. I bought this one at TARGET for a few bucks and embellished it with gingham ribbon that I sewed all the way around the back and tied in an adorable bow then I finished it up with a dotted mini ribbon and teeny tiny black and white baby buttons. I am coveting a great cowskin jacket that Lisa had me try on. (Had her put it on hold but, who am I kidding?) My living room is filled with her great pieces like these great Chinoiserie finds: the black screen I use in front of the fireplace, the amazing black and gold desk in the corner, even the art books and Chinese bust! Lisa even spotted the painted black chair with orange upholstery. She knew it would be the perfect compliment to my Hermes table from GREAT JONES HOME. Don't forget to check out Lisa's cool stuff!!

Ask Adelita: Indian Summer by Kamie Kahlo

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Dear Adelita Style:

I'm new to the area helping a couple of lost travelers named Lewis and Clark discover your great territory. What does a girl wear for one of the last days of Seattle's Indian Summer?

"Sacagawea"- North Dakota

Dear Little Indian Princess:

You are a smart gal to stop and ask for style directions. (Guys can be so frustrating when it comes to that!) A fresh eyelet top from France, black THREE DOTS capri leggings, black ballet slippers from TARGET, accessorize with fabulous handmade prize ribbon pin and bubblegum pink!
You are sure to dazzle your clients and soak up some Northwest sun!

History lesson: Sacagawea was a career girl way back in the 1800's. This Shoshane woman along with her husband was the guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition conducted by two fellas, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. On their long trek from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, Clark finally refers to Sacaqawea as "Janey" after she decides where they will camp. Was this a nickname derived from admiration of her intellect and outdoors-woman know how or simple adoration? I prefer the romance angle myself. Here is a cool read: Sacagawea's Nickname

And So On... by Kamie Kahlo

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I heard this quote on the radio this morning from Eduardo Galeano, "Sometimes I am optimistic at noon, and then at 3 o'clock I am absolutely down on the floor. Later I recover, and then I fall again and so on." Galeano was talking about what happens to us everyday. Something is given, something is taken. Either way, you have to accept it as one thing leads to another. I awoke dreamy, I put on my layered bright white cotton gauze dress from TARGET with optimism. At 3 o’clock I looked down and saw the spot; Put on something else and that lead to a walk with Erika. Every day I will get and I will sacrifice. Knowing this helps just a little.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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For what has proven to be our hottest days of summer, (yesterday broke a record at 104) I paired some old and new items, some given to me and some purchased by me. Let's go toe to head this time. Cherry gave me these fabulous boots from MISS SIXTY! I recommend a great pair of vintage boots in it's place. The cordoroy mini skirt is from
ABERCROMBIE, you can find another cute one similar to it on their site. Cherry gave me the top too- it's from H&M. I modified it a bit, it had some lace that was too stretched out so, I cut it out and I wear it with an old HOLLISTER lace tank underneath. The pearl necklace is borrowed from Lil Star who got it as a "freebie" with her PAWPARAZZI PETS from LILY'S. The straw cowboy hat is vintage but you can find a cute green one just like it at TARGET . And the bag is made from recycled plastic by TOTE LE MONDE.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Today I thought about how quickly things change. Going to the market meant arriving. You came home with a paper or plastic bag with logos all over it full of goodies. Now we bring our own bags to fill. This is where we should all take advantage of the opportunity presented to us. I know I did! Trick out your summer trip to the market. My bag is a great oversized straw bag from HAT ATTACK. It's the perfect compliment to a gal's summer wardrobe, like this adorable plaid babydoll from TARGET. Just be sure to pair it with fun accessories! I'm wearing my TARINA TARANTINO Hello Kitty Pinkhead bubblegum necklace and bracelet.

Haley Potter and the Half Blood Princess by Kamie Kahlo

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Guess what I saw today!? My version of Scary Potter is a little less spooky. I am wearing a crazy cut off men's shirt from African design label XULY BET. It's one of the first pieces I ordered after seeing it in a magazine. Was it Vogue? I can't remember, I only know it's from the early 90's and Helena Christensen was the model. (If you don't know who she is, think of the Chris Isaak video "Wicked Games" and if you don't know the video kids, you will just have to YouTube it!) The tie is a clip-on from FRENCH TOAST and the glasses are from TARGET's line of Halloween accessories. Both are borrowed from LIL STAR. Beneath the tie and cut off shirt is my favorite babydoll dress from ZETO. About the movie... Do you think I liked it? Well, why else would I wear this silly outfit? Of course I did!! By the way, which photo collage is your favorite?

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Today's outfit is designed for cloudy weather. FOREVER 21 top in a fabulous irregular print, TARGET leggings, a darling little half cardigan with a puppy embroidered on it and around my neck sits my favorite TARINA TARANTINO butterfly necklace, this necklace was worn in turquoise and green in the movie 13 GOING ON 30!

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Had a great quick jaunt to Cali for the weekend. Happy Birthday Sugeeeee!! And let me give a shout out to Mako too! So what do I wear for the long drive out of the desert and the plane ride back to Seattle? Some great finds from FOREVER 21! One of their great long tanks in a delicious plum color underneath a sweet HERITAGE 1981 super soft printed tee. Meow. I'm wearing my THREE DOT leggings in navy and my XHILARATION ballet flats from TARGET. (Perfect for slipping off in the security line.) It's all about comfort.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Oh my! Where have I been?! Today I am wearing Lil Star's red and black skull and star headband purchased at LILY'S PAMPERING SALON, a fun rag skarf, supercute vest from TARGET, a BURTON long tee that Cherry gave me, jeans and my HARLEY DAVIDSON boots; on my lips, Sweet Jelly in #150 Sugar! from RIMMEL LONDON!

Hello Kitty Hearts M•A•C by Kamie Kahlo

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Yes, of course Lil Star and I attended the launch party of Hello Kitty Kouture! I am wearing M•A•C's extra exclusive Hello Kitty Kouture Sheer Mystery Powder and Dazzleglass in Dazzlepuss, ERIN FETHERSTON for TARGET Alice in Wonderland dress, HOT TOPIC hot pink and black tutu, SIGAL DEKEL super exclusive platform Mary Janes, Hello Kitty earrings, and TARINA TARANTINO's PinkHead Hello Kitty Pink Ponytail and Skull and Crossbone necklaces. Lil Star is wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt drawn by Lil Star!

Entourage: Kamie Kahlo stylist, model and graphic design, Sean Watson photographer, Lil Star as model