Junuary by Kamie Kahlo


The start of Seattle summers can be frustrating; the weather makes for a bipolar wardrobe. Those layers that you might have packed away in the hopes of sun and skin need to be kept close. I keep this cozy long sweater jacket and my camo cargos tucked in the back of the closet on the top shelf, just in case. 

Garage Sale Chic by Kamie Kahlo

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In the summer I scower the city for garage sales and it's rare that I would expect to find anything but my next knick-knack. A couple of weekends ago I scored some cute clothing purchases from an oh-so-typical hippie from Queen Anne. Under a mound of pilly tops, there it was, $2 for a great asian patterned tank! No pills on this one but the perfect amount of fading and stretched out cotton sung to me. I asked the girl if I could have it for $1.50 instead so that I could grab a coffee after. What an unexpected treasure. I wore it today with my F21 $2.50 tank top, seems like so much paleez, my skinny jeans, my new hooded sandals, a Tarina Tarantino wooden necklace and bracelet and hidden in the back of my closet was an old Kymio slat jacket that I ripped the shoulder pads out of. Funny how you can feel all new in something old.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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The first day of fall, the last days of summer heat. I'd die for another chance to wear a strapless dress with NO jacket because I know what's coming. So I slipped on my DKNY sugar-pink pumps, rolled on my "CALL ME" candy bracelet and slithered into my EXPRESS strapless cotton candy dress. I think my outfit says, "I will enjoy this 80+ degree weather, I will, I will!"