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Rainy Day Wear by Kamie Kahlo

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What to wear on yet another rainy day in Seattle? I would suggest a big smile and I paired my top with chopsticks scattered across this soft Sucre Soir tee, a pair of skinny chopstick jeans from Vigoss and thigh-high chopstick riding boots from Bronx, a present from Queen Anne Dispatch. No wonder I'm so hungry!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

I'm a wine-o! A sunny roadtrip to the Tri-Cities with my girlfriend Erin started with a visit to Canyon's Edge tasting room in Kenniwick, WA and progressed to a glass of Tercet at Bookwalter and a bottle of Foreshadow Merlot to bring back home. The next morning we visited a tiny cafe were E paroused my Mark. catalog. On these casual roadtrips to small towns, I pack lightly and wear comfortable. Here's what was in my suitcase: One Juicy Couture tracksuit for the long car ride, a Sucre tank top for those sunny surprises, a cute little puffy jacket from Forever 21 for those temperature drops at night, a pair of old tweed and lycra slacks in case I need a to dress up, a white tee because it goes with anything, a darling cardigan from Mapel (stay tuned for more picks) and my mark. Flip For It in Urban Neutrals compact great for traveling!

Me as Mori Girl by Kamie Kahlo

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My current issue of the Japanese magazine Spoon features a small set of Mori Girl pictures but, the "forest girl" movement has been building momentum for over 3 years now through social net community Mixi. Here I am in the forest trying my best to layer flowing cotton with wool. A Honey and Clover Manga is waiting for me behind that tree. To achieve this look, I began with a vintage cotton slip peaking out from beneath my Zeto babydoll dress in muslin and a lavender Kensie sweater and leggings from Sucre with brown leg warmers keep me warm. The forest can be quite chilly anytime of year.

Holiday Sale by Kamie Kahlo

I put together this ad for a cute little outlet store here in Seattle. Sucre Soir has great basic women's clothing, all cotton that wears and washes really well. Because it's an outlet, you get wholesale or better on overstock, off-season colors or discontinued items. I love to stock up on their great t-shirts for layering! And sometimes you will find a fabulous little dress like the one above. I love it paired with a chunky belt! If you don't live in the area, give em a call (206) 352-3763 and they will ship to you!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

I always exercise my right to change my mind. Take a look at my desk. I have several cards to choose from; my graphics only KIMCHEE GIRL folded card, one of 30 different photos on my super skinny MOO cards, a simple GREEN TEA DESIGN square card, an ADELITA card with an illustration of a woman who bares a strange resemblance to FRIDA KAHLO, or maybe one of my sporty photoshoot cards. You can have one of each if you like! I'll just take one last swig of my salty Russian seltzer water that's sitting beside my collection before I leave.
Where am I headed off to today? I am going location scouting. In this chilly fall weather it's important to layer, we may run into rain, wind, maybe even a little sun peeking through the clouds. With my UGG boots and LTB skinnies I paired a deep cowl neck from SUCRE SOIR under a cozy ARMANI EXCHANGE gillet; a vintage hat, handmade necklace and TANO bag are the perfect accessories!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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I started the day by organizing my letter writing cabinet, at 3:30 I had to get Lil Star ready for ballet, finish up some cleaning at the townhouse, pick up Lil Star from ballet, then go to curriculum night. So how did I make this busy day to night transition with no time in between for a wardrobe change? A long wearing red lipstick stain from NOUBA would last all day. A cute little tank from HOLLISTER, flip flops and FRANKIE B jeans for daytime and cleaning. For evening slipped on a low slung belt by STREETS AHEAD, crawled into a cozy cardigan with saggy pockets from SUCRE SOIR, slid into my coffee colored pumps from NINE WEST that Mair gave me and reapplied lipstick. Did I accomplish everything? Didn't make the curriculum night at Lil Star's school. Her ballet finished early and I had to choose, eat or disturb all the other parents with my rumbling tummy. TERIYAKI it is!!

Sticky Situation by Kamie Kahlo

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LIL STAR made this ball cap out of tape! A nice outing in the park calls for fun attire so, I am wearing a SUCRE SOIR neon tee with my LTB skinnies, fabulous XHILARATION sneakers, accessories include a fabulous LAURIE WEBER belt made from vintage fabric, a cute friendship bracelet made by LIL STAR and vintage material earrings by CARA LYNDON.

Contributors: Sean Watson as Photographer, Lil Star as designer, Me as model!

girlPOWer by Kamie Kahlo

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What's on my super girl body today? I am wearing a SHARON SEGAL secret recipe 50% pima cotton and 50% micro model cotton v-neck in pink (you can find something similar on sale at BLUE JEANS right now) and an EC STAR "destroy" tee under my SUCRE SOIR short sleeve button jacket in emerald green with my LTB skinnies and BUFFALO EXCHANGE boots. The necklace is a little duck that LIL STAR gave me and in my hand is my Nerf-n-Strike Busssaw. POW!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Kickin' it Korean Style: Spending the spring break holiday at my mom and dad's place. Today I am wearing my SUCRE SOIR butterfly top (only available at their outlet in Seattle), LTB skinny jeans, my PAZZO snakeskin print pointy shoes, and a cute little knitted hat I found in my mom's sewing room. The chest, vase, embroidered screen and even the soap opera tapes (my mom is addicted!) are all Korean!

Happy St. Patty's Day! by Kamie Kahlo

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Sean Watson wanted to shoot me for his SWEET PEAS site and book. Thought this would be appropriate to post for this Saint Patrick's Day. I am wearing a SUCRE SOIR dress/top, TARINA TARANTINO large lucite rose bracelet, and vintage lucite CARA LYNDON earrings.

Contributors: Kamie Kahlo as stylist and model, Sean Watson as photographer

5-Day Pick Up Kitty Style by Kamie Kahlo

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Sadly, this is our last kitty blog for this week. Since I post my outfits every day, some of you may have been wondering, "What did she wear this week?" Take a look at this 5-day Pick Up. True to our theme, I wore something Hello Kitty every day. Monday was a SUCRE SOIR butterfly top in jade with a brown tank top underneath and a small crystal framed PINKHEAD necklace. Tuesday I had an interview and shopping for a photoshoot so I dressed a little more professional: THREE DOT super soft modal faux wrap, MAE wool city shorts, my BUFFALO EXCHANGE boots and a special PINK HEAD ponytail necklace. Wednesday was my casual day. I wore a HOLLISTER pink terry tube top and my favorite PINK HEAD rainbow necklace with chunky lucite chain. Thursday I paired my PETRO ZILLIA silk striped shirt with my LTB skinny jeans and STREETS AHEAD pink cowhide belt with crystals, on top was the famous PINK HEAD necklace worn by CAMERON DIAS. Finally, Friday was another comfy day, picking up props and playing video games with LIL STAR in an exclusive TARINA TARANTINO PINK HEAD super sheer t-shirt!!