On the job. by Kamie Kahlo

For today's styling job I had to set up a staging area in a stadium room. It was a lifestyle shoot but I always like to be prepared with lots of brushes, several color and cover up choices and sanitary items. I even brought my new bangs. It was much easier styling with my hair out of my eyes so, "whack!" I chopped my long front locks into sassy side swept gyaru style bangs!


Adelita Style 101: Vocabulary Lessons by Kamie Kahlo

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Ever heard of the term, "On Form"? This is referring to styling on a mannequin or dress form. Here I am with my fabulous "model" getting her all ready for her grocery store duty. This button down reminds me of those old fashioned candy store clerks. How cute!

contributors: Troy Wilkinson as photographer, Kamie Chang Kahlo as stylist