Game On! by Kamie Kahlo

PowerA's Cool Controllers
I had no idea how important hand comfort was until I entered PowerA's gaming world. Did you know that little boys hands need little controllers to clobber their opponents in Facebreakers? Well, they do but Caution! - Don't let your daddy's "show" you how they work, they won't give them back. Or, did you know, that gamer's hands get hot and sweaty? Ew, they do and I guess they need a built-in fan to make it better. Producing, scouting, sourcing, stand-in modeling and styling; Sometimes a girl has to do it ALL! 

Getting into character for my Stand-In role.

These shoots had me running around doing what I do best- multitasking

Trashy Styling by Kamie Kahlo

Waste Management Joe
Ahh... the glamorous world of styling. Or in this case, the trashy world of styling. I'm often surprised by what will be my favorite shoots, what will be my best work. I have to say- Joe is it! His dualities are expressed perfectly with a little bit of styling magic; the right hat, the perfect accessories (bow tie and glasses), the perfect hair and, yes, just a touch of makeup to hide the ball-cap tan line. Not so glamorous but oh-so gorgeous! Like Joe's facebook page here: and like mine too!

S3- Sample Sale Swag by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look!
"Hello Little Toads!" One of the many perks that I have as a product stylist is first dibs on the actual product, take-home props and sometimes I even get invited to sample sales. What I like about a sample is that there is a pretty good possibility that it never made it to stores! I love collecting these great Nintendo items and character swag! While Lil Star is a big fan of Yoshi, my favorite is of course, Princess Peach from Super Mario.

Oh! And if you want to see what I have been up to lately, check out this "Super Dooper!!" shoot I did for Target featuring Nintendo's awesome new 3DS! We had to put the models on a spinny platform to get their geeked out reactions.