Instagram Me! by Kamie Kahlo

You will be seeing more of these fun photos via Instagram. If you have an iPhone grab this fun app and enjoy! Above is my little tasty desert from Super Buffet, my Rilakkuma key chain and my little Snoop Dawg. I am obsessed with it and making more fun friends who love to take photos and play! If you don't have an iPhone. You will have to suffer! Tee hee, just kidding. Try this app called Vignette for Android users.

 Love, Kamie

Puppy Love & Recall on Pig's Ears by Kamie Kahlo

Lil Star relaxing in the sun with our Maltese Snoopy
How we love our little ones. That's why when a reader, (many thanks to Ryan), contacted me about a recall on pig ear dog chews, I didn't hesitate to respond with this post. Please read the following article for more information. And rest your eyes on the beauty of my two babies, Lil Star and Snoopy.

New Moon, Ancient Sun by Kamie Kahlo

"I reached the edge of the pool of light and stepped through the last fringe of ferns into the loveliest place I had ever seen. The meadow was small, perfectly round, and filled with wild flowers - violet, yellow, and soft white. Somewhere nearby, I could hear the bubbling music of a stream. The sun was directly overhead, filling the circle with a haze of buttery sunshine." Stephenie Meyer, Twilight
Beneath the living room window is a massive cowhide that we have named, "Lucky No. 7" because the brand for this particular bovine was, yes, the number 7. I often find the puppies sprawled out basking in the sun on it and this time I thought I would join them. Since we just rented, "New Moon" I am thinking of the field where Edward and Bella lay silent. From the amber color of my eyes you can see that I am channeling the vampire in me. If only my Edward were here. Sigh.

Adelita Style 101: Hayley's Earrings by Kamie Kahlo

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Let's bring this month to a close and take one last look at our feature designer Hayley Wakefield's Allure Earrings from
MyRetropolitan. For this shoot taken by Sean Watson we combined fashion, sweets and puppy power. I love wearing Hayley's fun earrings with this delicate, lacey Ann Ferriday top and Snoopy loves Adelita Pops!!
Here is Hayley's description of these great portrait-style paper earrings: "Slink around in the image of this sexy silhouette, as you wow your friends with an attitude that these one of a kind paper lovelies can bring you! Not only are they completely bangin', they are also eco-chic, constructed of recycled chipboard!" They measure 3.5" x 2" including the circle top.
Snoopy is zeroing on the Adelita Pop but since they are made of yummy dark and white chocolate it's a no-no for dogs!

Happy Holidays from Adelita Style! by Kamie Kahlo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We all wish you the happiest of Holidays!!! I am wearing my vintage chubby jacket with a Kate Moss TOPSHOP beaded tank and jeans, UGG boots to keep me snuggly, TARINA TARANTINO Tokyo Hardcore bag by my side. And our fabulous feature designer HAYLEY WAKEFIELD of MYRETROPOLITAN available at Etsy contributed these super fun Lady Gaga paper earrings that you have to have! SEAN WATSON as photographer! Me as model! Snoopy as dog model and rug!

Babies by Kamie Kahlo

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It's all in the eyes. Sometimes the camera is able to capture the soul in side. Jelly Bean is lively and energetic, she only wants your approval; Lil Star has depth and experience beyond her years, her innocence lies beneath; Snoopy is shy and slow, a sleepy pillow. They are all my babies.

20's in the 40's by Kamie Kahlo

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Not usually into this kind of thing but, today I am really feelin this Coon Skin coat. My darling Snoopy got attacked by a raccoon last night! Don't worry he's okay thanks to D's caveman instinct. (D reminds me in strange ways why I married him.) Any way, back to the coat... You have to admit that this Dapper Dan from a Charleston-themed party held at Princeton in 1949 brings this little creature to a party in style. Kind of sad isn't it? What would a dashing boy of 2009 wear to his Princeton party? Ugh, when did we all turn into PC squares?

Sources: (beautiful blog, by the way)

Moving Inspiration; Same Song, Second Verse, Korean Accent, Little Bit Worse by Kamie Kahlo

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How far is Sunriver? While technically it is 346 miles from Seattle, it might as well be a million miles from me because I CAN'T GO! Again! Every year this happens. I plan on attending D's little family outing and I have a job interview, or a photoshoot or, this year, the day before our departure we find out that no dogs are allowed. My little Maltese does not feel good about our move. If I am not with him, D says Snoopy stands in the bathroom of the house and howls till his little throat gets soar. I can't leave him or little Jelly Bean. I had to call my mommy and tell her that I wasn't coming by on the way to the resort. She sounded sad; she had to put away her Korean Bulgogi and special fish she was going to make for our dinner. I told her that I was missing daddy and she sounded concerned. "Oh I know," she said, "I missa heem too. Don't worry too muchie. You too skinny!" Truth be told, I really am a mess and I wish D and Lil Star would stay home but, I told them to go. Thank goodness none of them read my blog!

Oh You Pretty Thing... by Kamie Kahlo

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"There is a fountain of youth: It is your mind, your talents,
the creativity you bring in your life and the lives of people you love."- Sophia Loren

Sigh. Lil Star is wearing her lime green open tee from URBAN OUTFITTERS with a deer painted on it, a flower crown, Snoopy's new dog collar (not intended for all-day wear, only supervised photo shoots), pink earbuds, and an IPOD with a TOKI DOKI skin.