Anna Banana by Kamie Kahlo

Seattle doesn't offer many styling jobs for fashion shoots so whenever one comes up, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the process. For this collaboration Sean Watson did photography and design, Anna Mischke was our adorable model and I was the stylist contributing hair, makeup and wardrobe picks. I love these edgy collages featuring shoes from a local designer. Unfortunately, sometimes visions don't match up. The shoe designer was a bit reserved and afraid to take a chance. I say, fashion is exactly the right forum for taking chances. Sean did a spectacular job because...


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Jeffery Campbell Shoe Sentence by Kamie Kahlo

I did it! Annnd, they are in order too!
The challenge? Make a sentence out of my favorite Jeffery Campbell shoe names.

Here's the SITUATION, while some designers try to HARNESS my inner FOXY, JC is able to RINGLING my bell with a TAPESTRY of prints that make my PIXIE feet sing to the heavens above to our lady of FATIMA.

Whew! I did it! And for under $200, you can wear it here.

Folly of Footwear by Kamie Kahlo

Poetic License's Fall Collection
Look at what I saw yesterday when I walked into Queen Anne Dispatch! Shoes, beautiful shewz. This is the ultimate preview of Poetic License's coming Fall collection; riveted Minnie Mouse bows on top of candy-cane lined geometrics, green - squishy flats covered in black lace and finished with lime satin bows, check patterns on scallop-edged spectators, fabulous 40's Mary Janes with floral accents and rounded toes! Would love to add some of these beauties to my closet. Fall is by far their best collection to date. But if you can't wait that long, check out these EXTRA girly shoes at Poetic Licence or if you are in town, drop by the store. I'd be happy to find you your size. ; )

Fashion Stories: Pelican by Kamie Kahlo

“I dare you!” she coaxed. “Try on the ugliest thing in here.” I perused the Goodwill, and a little something in the corner tucked under a mohair coat caught my eye. It was a single shoe, a lonely vessel waiting for a foot.I t wasn’t supposed to be there; someone had brutally cast it aside.

It was tres revolting, a satin disaster. Candy pink on its heel counter with a black pointy vamp.  It resembled a pelican.  The contrasting laces didn’t help the unsightliness. I peeked inside at the label, “GASP!!”

 “Do you KNOW who this is?!” I whispered the designer in my friend’s ear.
 “Get OUT!!” she screamed, “Let’s find the other one!” Our eyes darted back and forth as I picked up the pelican and we raced across the store to the shoe section. Endless rows of racks of forgotten, abandoned, discarded, distraught shoes called out, “Pick me!”
            "I’m yours,” a stiletto clicked.
            “No, me!” a sporty shoe squeaked.
            “I’m perfect for you,” a kitten heel purred. The pleading was maddening.
            I had to collect myself and focus on the pelican’s twin. Size 6.  Where was the “6” row? Passing the tens and nines I could hear the moaning. The eights were groaning. The sevens whimpered. Finally the sixes looked me in the eye like perfect soldiers, two by two by two… and then I saw a lonely pink and black tragedy, a left one.
            “Are you going to put them on? You have to get them!!”
            “But, they’re so… ugly.” I whispered, shielding the shoes from my harsh words.
            “How cruel,” I thought. Teasing this little misfortunate duo by rubbing my glorious paws against their silky insides; it was too unkind. This petite pair of shoes, it seemed, had never been touched. Could I really torment them?
            I could. I did. “I love!” I said with surprise as I slipped them on. “Huh, sometimes ugly is good,” I said to my friend. And the pelican twins and I lived happily ever after.

I Want This! by Kamie Kahlo

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Le Pied Leger translates to "light-footed" in English. I love these crocheted hand-made shoes! These shoes come combinations of black, fuschia, grape, kiwi, and blueberry. But, I'll have to be patient. They take from 3-4 weeks to be made and are $45. Worth it I would say to be footloose and cute for the summer! Wouldn't you?