Junuary by Kamie Kahlo


The start of Seattle summers can be frustrating; the weather makes for a bipolar wardrobe. Those layers that you might have packed away in the hopes of sun and skin need to be kept close. I keep this cozy long sweater jacket and my camo cargos tucked in the back of the closet on the top shelf, just in case. 

Winter Dreams by Kamie Kahlo

Seattle snow comes once a year but, isn't it dreamy. I find it interesting. Those people who complain endlessly- "Who cares!!" or "What's the big deal!" or "Get back to work!" Really? The child in me is giddy with excitement! I spend all day trudging through the powder, I ask D to take me for a ride in the sled, I take a coffee with a friend and tenderly slurp down another with the new girl at work.

On a snow day, we tell each other secrets because the crunch of the snow masks the sound of our voices. We have a sleepover with friends laughing into the night on top of sleeping bags because it's so hard to say goodbye. When night falls we cuddle by the fire, puppies curled into our laps. And on a snowy night, everything still and quiet, we push our cheeks against down pillows and have a long winter dream.

*This post is dedicated to Lucia whose secrets I will never tell. 
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Anna Banana by Kamie Kahlo

Seattle doesn't offer many styling jobs for fashion shoots so whenever one comes up, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the process. For this collaboration Sean Watson did photography and design, Anna Mischke was our adorable model and I was the stylist contributing hair, makeup and wardrobe picks. I love these edgy collages featuring shoes from a local designer. Unfortunately, sometimes visions don't match up. The shoe designer was a bit reserved and afraid to take a chance. I say, fashion is exactly the right forum for taking chances. Sean did a spectacular job because...


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Rainy Day Wear by Kamie Kahlo

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What to wear on yet another rainy day in Seattle? I would suggest a big smile and I paired my top with chopsticks scattered across this soft Sucre Soir tee, a pair of skinny chopstick jeans from Vigoss and thigh-high chopstick riding boots from Bronx, a present from Queen Anne Dispatch. No wonder I'm so hungry!

She's Crafty! by Kamie Kahlo

 The Urban Craft Uprising was held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall this past weekend. I took a quick stroll through the hallways between around 100 exhibitors of eco-friendly, recycled, crafty goodness and spotted a few that I thought you might like.

Trinity Cross and Paulie Anne Duke for Field Day Wearables

Field Day Wearables makes cute prints on hooded dresses and jumpers. I liked the little radish print. These girls run their business out of Oakland, CA where they offer 'wearable's made from recycled materials, bamboo and organic cotton all made, printed and dyed one at a time.

A customer tries on a Bella Sisters jacket

All Bella Sisters artful creations are made from more than 97% recycled materials. Each jacket has a hood and sleeves made from reclaimed wool, angora or cashmere so you can keep your hands and head warm without the bulk! And if you have long arms like me, you will appreciate these extra additions. Hand sewn appliqués, bustled backs, darling little buttons are just some of the fun details found on every unique clothing item.

 Sara Lansillotta of Devout Dolls laughs with a customer at her booth.

Devout Dolls specializes in 'oddities' dreamed up by creator Sara Lansillotta. Her two headed rag dolls are what pulled me closer and the 'forest friend' deer and 'octobabies' kept me giggling.
Jonah Rondon is just as cute as her creations
Maluhia Designs makes purses, wallets, bibs and teddy bears from darling cutsey fabric. If you are in the mood for sticky sweet visit her Etsy store!

Gobs of unique dresses in great prints.

Debra Weiss and her daughter Hillary of Rebe are a masters at the remix. Pretty patterns along side patchwork and un-died linen, eco-friendly fabrics and playful layers make up this terrifically crafty line!

Pocket-Size Nicole Hits it Big with Winter Kate by Kamie Kahlo

"Do you want to come see Nicole Richie with me?" I squeeked.

"Why would I want to do that?" Dana chortled back.

I would show her! Nicole Richie has been a fashion icon since her days with Rachel Zoe. This little rebelious pixie isn't just about her famous on again off again relationship with Paris Hilton. Keep up! Ms. Richie has blossomed into a beautiful designer; Last year with her charming jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 and this Spring with her bohemian dream collection Winter Kate.

I dragged Dana downtown to Nordstrom for Nicole's personal appearance and instead of standing in line for an autograph, I decided to SHOW Dana that I wasn't just a stalker. We bee-lined it straight to the Winter Kate racks in Savvy where Jenelle showed us the line. We grabbed 5 key pieces and I swear I heard Dana say, "This is so me!" when she picked up the Grace chiffon tunic.

When we got to the dressing room, there were about 10 pieces from the line. "Good girl Jenelle," I thought. The Savvy girl had paired our picks with vests, pants and complimenting scarves. We ooooed and ahhed over every garment. We gasped at the reasonable prices. My girl Dana had to admit it, this stuff wasn't just good it was great! "I need to get myself into this dress!" I cooed while looking into my reflection in the Grey floral Kimono Dress, "There's a photo of Nicole in this and it's like dragging all over the floor! I love! I must have!" Dana purchased a Winter Kate navy cami and House of Harlow peacock ring.

I thought this would be a good time to say it, "Do you want to stand in line?"

"Sure." Dana smiled.

I have two autographed postcards! (Dana gave me her's.) I LOVE it when I'm right!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

In Seattle (no, that is not Seattle behind me but it sort of represents how I feel when walking) you have to be committed to your walking routine. My friend Erika and I try not to let a little rain get in the way or in last night's case A LOTTA RAIN! I left the house in my STELLA MCCARTNEY Adidas rain jacket and came back soaked except for what Stella had covered. My legs were red for 2 more hours AFTER I took a hot shower. I think I need to go to my friend ERIKA'S SITE for some FANCY rain pants. You should too!