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Keeping up with Kamie Kardashian by Kamie Kahlo

What do you get when you combine nude lips, a pumped up ponytail, a stuffed size "H" bra and two stuffed booty pads? Kardashian fun! And what happens when you combine that with me, a special guest star and Mezcalaria Oaxaca? Kamie Kardashian's Happy Haunt featuring Lil Star, margaritas and Days of the Dead dancers! Are you keeping up?

photos by Sean Watson, graphics by kimchee girl

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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I'm not even going to pretend that watching Bill Cunningham New York didn't have everything to do with my blog post today. If you love people watching, fashion and a beautiful human story, you must watch it!

This mini collage of photos starring me is an homage to the fact that pulling a fantastic outfit from your closet, or in this case Lucia's, is definitely not exclusive to designers, stars or stylists. Making an outfit is about your personal tastes and expression. And what a treat is was for me to be on the other side of the camera! Frankly, I was flattered... and nervous.

Because someone was dressing me this time, I felt as if each outfit was a costume and me the character. My favorite was the plaid 70's number because of the wide-legged pants and giant brimmed hat. It transported me to a place where models were lean and leggy, where the Carpenter's Top of the World (look it up kiddies) was playing in the background. My least favorite was the genie jumper. I kept saying, "Who am I?" It was almost too comfortable, made me feel like I was in pj's, which was weird. 

How clothes make you feel, Cunningham's On the Street column, talent is everywhere; all of these ideas lead to one thing, YOU are the taste-maker. So dress up! 

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Lucia as wardrobe stylist, Me as model, Kamie Kahlo from as designer

Anna Banana by Kamie Kahlo

Seattle doesn't offer many styling jobs for fashion shoots so whenever one comes up, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the process. For this collaboration Sean Watson did photography and design, Anna Mischke was our adorable model and I was the stylist contributing hair, makeup and wardrobe picks. I love these edgy collages featuring shoes from a local designer. Unfortunately, sometimes visions don't match up. The shoe designer was a bit reserved and afraid to take a chance. I say, fashion is exactly the right forum for taking chances. Sean did a spectacular job because...


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Missoni for Target: Revisited by Kamie Kahlo

I've never waited in line, fought or pushed and shoved for a chance at a piece of clothing and I'm not about to start. There is plenty to go around. Millions of designs, thousands of designers. So why or why ladies did you get up this morning at the crack of dawn so you could get to Target and get your Missoni on when EVERYONE will be wearing the SAME thing?

Sean and I arrived at around 9 a.m. Sure, I didn't want to pass up a chance to grab a little fools gold (aka Missoni-ala-Cheap) but what we saw was shocking! We saw NOTHING! Racks were bare, shelves were naked. Nothing but retail tumbleweeds under any signs that read Missoni. But plenty of shopping carts were full.
“Did you see that woman’s cart? OMG- so piled high with sweaters and skirts and scarves and something rubber!" I squealed. 
"Did I just see some kind of Kleenex box with Missoni print?" Sean asked "Do these ladies really think they are gonna fool anyone... with a Kleenex box?" 
"I'm definitely taking a picture of her basket... Wait... Did she just take a picture of her own basket?!"
"Damn, that one has her iPad out with the Target site on it! She's lookin for s*** online!"

We laughed all the way to the coffee shop!

Here's my tip to you all, my favorites, my darlings; If you can get your hot little hands on something from Target's Missoni line, try to make it as "neutral" as possible. I know, I know. It's Missoni, bright colors, zig-zag patterns. What could possibly be "neutral"? What I mean to say is, don't look like everyone else, and I do mean EVERYONE, try to find some pieces that won't scream TARGET Missoni!! Don’t pile it on. Pair it with your own style, your own unique take. And if you can’t, no worries. Just head to your beloved vintage store and look for the real thing. After what I saw today, I’d say your chances are better there.

A Dramatic Shoot with Sean by Kamie Kahlo

Photographer Sean Watson and I love working with this model because her classic Asian face and porcelain skin evoke drama and mystery. For this look, I found the perfect compliment to Crystaloo's exotic flavor in Wai Ching's sumptuous, silky layered gown and the model's sexy snakeskin bathing suit was a spicy match for Wai Ching’s hand-dyed kimono.

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Adelita Style at the Nordstorm Trend Show by Kamie Kahlo

Me and the Chanel rep after the Trend show. Ain't we cute?

Sean and I attended the Nordstrom Trend Show this past weekend. I staggered out of bed on Saturday at 7am and was out the door at 8. “This better be good!” I told Sean when I picked him up from his studio.

By 8:30 we were herding ourselves into an underground makeup lair, greeted by uber polite gay men handing us tote bags with treats, pastries and coffee, thank God!

The show began and the question was posed, “Does anyone here want flawless, beautiful skin?!” A dull roar came from the crowd, “I can’t hear you!” Then a resounding cheer. They caught on fast. I had never experienced hundreds of women drinking in the latest makeup trends. But, I had been to a male strip club once (ONCE) many years ago. I have to say, these trend show ladies had the same reaction to skincare as the bachlorettes at the strip club; Hoots and hollars for free stuff, screams and cheers for the Delectable and Delicious male models donning the latest tanning cream and awwws and ooohs for the newest mascara mania. After an hour or so, I started to feel peppy and positive too. The excitement was contagious.

When the show was over, all of us herded ourselves back up to civilization and the frenzy of makeup continued with rows of chairs lined all around the Nordstrom makeup floor. Ladies quickly took their appointments and whipped out their credit cards for the freshest and most exclusive skincare and makeup. I was simply searching for my favorite model. For some unknown reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture with a Barbie clone. When I finally found her and stood by her side I murmered, “Do I really want to take a picture with you?” She laughed uncomfortably, Sean took the shot and I zoomed over to the male models for a quick photo op.

I had a great time, no impulse buys but my favorite makeup rep from Chanel, of course, promised a package of goodies after the Oscars! Will it be those gorgeous temporary tattoos that Barbie and the Chanel models were wearing on the runway? I understand that Sandra Bullock wore a Chanel lipstick for her Oscar victory. Was it their gorgeous new lipstick Rouge Coco? Women should start wearing lipstick again. At least, that’s what they said at the trend show.

In this story all photos and video by Sean Watson.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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E.D. from Fancy Green sent me some darling little Keens to test. Yes, Keens! So I asked Sean if he wanted to take a stroll with me through the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. We stopped by
Broadway News to take a look at their HUGE magazine collection (around 2,000). Next I tested my little Mary Janes on one of the cute sidewalk dance steps on Broadway. After that, we took a peek at some artwork at Seattle Central Community College. (Did you know they were named, "College of the Year" in Time Magazine?!) I learned a lot on my little test drive for Keen! Take a peek at my review at Fancy Green.

Watson's Waffle House by Kamie Kahlo

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Our feature photographer Sean Watson is not only a fabulous photographer he is also an accomplished cook.
We often had weekend rituals of waffles and fried chicken hense the name, "Watson's Waffle House." No waffles in this fantastic meal but for a look at the man behind the camera, I asked Sean to stir up some tasty treats and we sat down to share food and thoughts. Here's what we talked about (that I can share with you any way!)

AS: You work with a lot of models on a daily basis. Who is your model of the moment?

SW: Victoria Williams, she's a doll. Creative, intuitive, and natural. We shoot almost every week.

AS: Yum! What's for dinner?

SW: Spicy Prawns served with creamy grits, braised asparagus, Grace's Soy Sauce Wings, broiled sirloin, and spiced carrots.

AS: I can see you have two loves, if you had to choose, cooking or shooting?

SW: That's not fair. As long as I can create. Hmm...I don't know. I get so much pleasure from both. Both serve people in some ways. I'll have to get back to you on that.

AS: Do you ever feed the models? Do they eat?

SW: Haha. Funny you should ask. Every now and then I do make something for them, especially if we're having a late shoot and we're getting hungry. Some eat, but rarely do they let you see them consume anything other than cigarettes, Dr. Pepper, or some horrible processed 7eleven concoction. The best I have seen is someone use a hair dryer to heat up a microwavable can of soup.

AS: I know you have an online publication called "Peer Pressure Mag" What is your next issue about?

SW: I'm in the midst of working on Part 2 of My Funny Valentine. The inspiration is the Chet Baker song by the same name. The song has this sad sort of romance to it. I love it cause it's like something you would think about someone you love. Accepting all the good and not so pleasant in a person. So the next issue is about the beauty of love found and lost and found again.

Stay tuned for waffles and a posts with Sean's great Peer Pressure Mag!

Our Herione Returns by Kamie Kahlo

Just as Wong Kar Wai was inspired by Hitchcock's "Vertigo,” Sean and I were inspired by Wong's "In the Mood for Love". And just as his film was an homage to his lovely leading ladies so is this short film honoring Sean’s photography and our heroine Crystal Loo's last appearance...

Crystal and her "play" lover have their final meeting in the dank underground alley's of Hong Kong. But as their game turns to reality our heroine realizes that their tryst has gone too far and Crystal flees their rendezvous to save her heart and her reputation.

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Crystal Loo as our heroine, Kamie Kahlo as stylist, Kimchee Girl as designer

Seattle Fashion Week Launch by Kamie Kahlo

Last week, Sean Watson and I attended the launch party for Seattle's own Fashion Week at Ibiza in Pioneer Square. I was excited to see what the Emerald City's fashion scene was all about. I felt fortunate to be included on the guest list among this city’s glitterati. I was thrilled to take a glance at some of the industries new talent and I had anticipated a great show to match the sweet charm of it's founder Gabriel Choy. Unfortunately the show did not match the glowing personalities and chic style of it's producers and I am taking a big swallow before posting. This was an event consisting of a few minutes of a breast cancer survivor film (which was the bulk of the show), a talented songstress, and TWO outfits that came down the catwalk.

Let's begin with the short video. Although I commend the organizers for incorporating a very valuable cause into their very kind agenda of raising awareness of new designers, I must recommend that they leave any short films with illness as the subject matter out of the show in the weeks to come. By all means, print it on your collateral, mention it on your blog but, don't have it dominate the show! It was simply put, a downer.

The singer, dressed in an outfit from a local store, was good at what she does and I will say she was the most entertaining part of the night. So, thumbs up to her but next time maybe she should dress herself.

Now let me talk about the actual fashion show. (And folks this is difficult for me, really painful.) I understand that this was a sort of "sneak peek" but TWO outfits! Why not none? It would have been better for a multitude of reasons.

The first outfit came and went... down the runway and through my mind. You know, like when someone says something and you just space out. I have no idea the color, the shape. Was it a dress? A suit? It just wasn't memorable. The second and last outfit however, was.

The designer belabored over her eco-friendly outfit but to no avail. A huge collar on a half jacket with hand knit sleeves and a patchwork or felted pattern made out of possibly some sort of heavy, heavy wool in red and brown with black lining ate the model's neck and shoulders. Under the jacket a faux leather shirt or vest that laced up the front at a diagonal in silver and beige stiffly boxed out the model's waist. And the skirt again from some sort of heavy wool with horizontal striped seams and squiggley stitching at the bottom which met up with another set of patchwork mess on the hem pushed out the sides of the model's body in white and red and brown. This designer worked hard, really really hard. Much, much too hard. I can see that this woman has skills but I don't need to see every skill in one unwearable outfit. Next time show us one skill per garment. You are talented, too talented!

Lastly, kudos to the people attending. They were fabulous and they are the visual Sean and I chose to focus on. Sometimes the people behind the scenes, the people attending are the real stars. To the organizers – it's not easy to put together an event much less a string of them but you need to do better next time. I don't want to know that this is your second job, your night time project or your fun past time. Do it well, not mildly! Although this was a disappointment, I have faith and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Focus on Photographer: Sean Watson and Model Crystal Loo by Kamie Kahlo

The talented photographer Sean Watson showed me a beautiful photo of a model the other day and I said I HAD to work with her. So he booked her for this test shoot. The theme was "In the Mood for Love" a Wong Kar Wai movie. I felt it was the perfect scenario for our romantic lead, Crystal Loo. For these shots she is wearing an elegant Dolce & Gabbana dress with Christian Louboutin patent purple pumps and a vintage necklace of mine. I spiraled her hair and then gently put it up in a chignon for a more sentimental look. The backdrop is Sean's studio loft where he sleeps. It doubles as a changing room for models as I transition them from look to look. Stay tuned for more photos of Crystal and a whole month of our feature photographer Sean Watson!

Happy Holidays from Adelita Style! by Kamie Kahlo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We all wish you the happiest of Holidays!!! I am wearing my vintage chubby jacket with a Kate Moss TOPSHOP beaded tank and jeans, UGG boots to keep me snuggly, TARINA TARANTINO Tokyo Hardcore bag by my side. And our fabulous feature designer HAYLEY WAKEFIELD of MYRETROPOLITAN available at Etsy contributed these super fun Lady Gaga paper earrings that you have to have! SEAN WATSON as photographer! Me as model! Snoopy as dog model and rug!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

SEAN asked the Kahlo family to Sunday brunch last week. Here are some photos of the new studio that Sean and Bennett share. (Bennett did a smashing job on turning the old basement into a great live/work studio!) That morning we had fried chicken and grits as requested by LIL STAR. She took Sean and I back into his photo studio for a quick couple of photos. Here's what I wore: a darling little sweater dress that Cherry gave me over grey leggings and stripey socks to cover my chicken legs, my BETSEY JOHNSON necklace draped over the sweater nicely, a leather jacket and vintage boots carried me through another rainy day and Lil Star did my hair Manga style and added a couple of cherry clips!

Birthday Betsey Part Deux by Kamie Kahlo

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Oh what fun it is to shop and shine! Here's the compilation "tape" of Betsey's B-day bash: We arrived as predicted, here I am in my Betsey dress and with me the beautiful food blog writer RACHEL ADAMS and of course, the incomparable SEAN WATSON photobabe! TANYA HARRIS (Saucy Sales Associate in photo #4) greeted us in her darling yellow prom dress while THERA LUCE (Marvelous Manager in photo #2) offered us special TROPHY cupcakes and refreshing wine. ESHA belly danced for us as we perused through the racks and fabulous sparkling jewelry cases. And that's when I fell in love with my special necklace that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the fabulous time BETSEY girls!!

Entourage: Kamie Kahlo stylist, model and graphic design, Sean Watson photographer, Rachel Adams, Tanya and Thera as super models, Esha as Belly Dancer

From Inspiration to Translation: Antoinette by Kamie Kahlo

Just in case you forgot what we were all about, click on this image for a closer look! Old and new, romance and cuteness. I was inspired by Marie Antoinette. So for this shot, I styled our model Rainbow in a borrowed layercake dress, surrounded her with several beautiful antiques assembled from Lisa's "s**t sprawl" (her words, not mine.) Then I finished it all up with a beautiful TARINA TARANTINO Barbie necklace.

Contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Rainbow as model, and Kamie Kahlo as hair, makeup, wardrobe and prop stylist and art director and graphic designer.

Happy Father's Day by Kamie Kahlo

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Here is Lil Star with her daddy D. My two darling treasures captured by Sean Watson. This was a great evening. Friends, food, photos and family. And next to it my version from WAY back. This is my favorite photo of my father and me. When I thought of what I wanted to post for this father's day, I knew I had to find this exact picture in my parents drawer full of photo albums. This is how I see my father- strong, happy, his watch, his pleated pants, his casual buttoned shirt, his humility, always letting me be in the spotlight. Always there when I turned around. And look at me! The little fashionista.

Sticky Situation by Kamie Kahlo

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LIL STAR made this ball cap out of tape! A nice outing in the park calls for fun attire so, I am wearing a SUCRE SOIR neon tee with my LTB skinnies, fabulous XHILARATION sneakers, accessories include a fabulous LAURIE WEBER belt made from vintage fabric, a cute friendship bracelet made by LIL STAR and vintage material earrings by CARA LYNDON.

Contributors: Sean Watson as Photographer, Lil Star as designer, Me as model!