Bring Me a Unicorn! by Kamie Kahlo

Sammy, my 12 lb baby brother, has an assortment of toys. This morning he decided to destroy a pink fluffy treat. I know that eating horses seems cruel but when it's mythilogical and stuffed with cotton... Well, maybe just this once. 

Baby Brother by Kamie Kahlo

On a short vacation with Lil Star, we decided to pay my baby brother a visit. At Christmas my two sisters and I decided it was time for my mother to don the ultimate accessory, a small dog. Sammy is a Pekingese who from that day on has sat at my mother's feet. He swishes his long mane around the carpet like an expensive mop, no feet in sight. And in a few short months he has learned to dance, shake hands, bark for his food and kiss a rag doll that my mother made! But this 2,000 year old Qing Dynasty Treat is not just decoration, he is part of the family, my baby brother.

P.S. What is he wearing? Only a beautiful dog like Sammy could get away with going commando under a fur coat.