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Rock Gods: Led Zeppelin by Kamie Kahlo

Peter Tosh, John Bonham, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
The “heavy metal” kings Led Zeppelin began their reign as blues-rock musicians who later introduced folk music (in addition to other genres) as in their most famous recording, “Stairway to Heaven”. They preferred album-oriented rock as opposed to singles.

Trying to listen to Zeppelin on your ipod may prove difficult but if you have a turntable it will force you to listen to every track compilation-style rather than to solitary songs. That way their entire album relates as an experience as they had intended it to be. 

It was this freedom of expression and high standard musically that translated to their style as well; Unique, innovative, wild and sexy. Graphic tees, blue jeans, open shirts, beaded chokers, sunglasses, leather and long wild locks were their uniforms. Infusions of color, floral patterns and a myriad of sloppy, bohemian clothing that looked like it came from the nearest thrift shop were staples in their fashion diet. Led Zeppelin preferred to push against prevailing norms in their dress as well as their music. The band’s long reign lasted several decades and ended with the sudden death of drummer John Bonham in 1980.

What a great lesson in being who you are, on your terms, for as long as you can.