Instagram Me! by Kamie Kahlo

You will be seeing more of these fun photos via Instagram. If you have an iPhone grab this fun app and enjoy! Above is my little tasty desert from Super Buffet, my Rilakkuma key chain and my little Snoop Dawg. I am obsessed with it and making more fun friends who love to take photos and play! If you don't have an iPhone. You will have to suffer! Tee hee, just kidding. Try this app called Vignette for Android users.

 Love, Kamie

iPhone Melts My Heart! by Kamie Kahlo

Click on this image for a closer look and decorate your phone in a unique way at Strapya World!
Do you love your iPhone? I do! So, I decided to wrap it in Mupod's melty strawberry chocolate, dangle it with Korean character Rilakkuma's macaroon charm (mine is actually Korilakkuma the girl bear), strapped it on with pink gum and seal it with a Princess Peach case. You can get most of it at StrapyaWorld. Just click on a link!