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Your Most Versatile Item? The Scarf. by Kamie Kahlo

My favorite scarf from Free People.
A great scarf is one of the most versatile items in your closet. It carries you through all the seasons seamlessly. How you wear it tells people where you're from, what the weather is like and how truly chic you are! Check out this great Free People video on how to tie a scarf. And if you can't find one you like at Free People, take a walk to your nearest boutique. I am in love with Subtle Luxuries' line Spun available at Queen Anne Dispatch!

Folly of Footwear by Kamie Kahlo

Poetic License's Fall Collection
Look at what I saw yesterday when I walked into Queen Anne Dispatch! Shoes, beautiful shewz. This is the ultimate preview of Poetic License's coming Fall collection; riveted Minnie Mouse bows on top of candy-cane lined geometrics, green - squishy flats covered in black lace and finished with lime satin bows, check patterns on scallop-edged spectators, fabulous 40's Mary Janes with floral accents and rounded toes! Would love to add some of these beauties to my closet. Fall is by far their best collection to date. But if you can't wait that long, check out these EXTRA girly shoes at Poetic Licence or if you are in town, drop by the store. I'd be happy to find you your size. ; )

Rainy Day Wear by Kamie Kahlo

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What to wear on yet another rainy day in Seattle? I would suggest a big smile and I paired my top with chopsticks scattered across this soft Sucre Soir tee, a pair of skinny chopstick jeans from Vigoss and thigh-high chopstick riding boots from Bronx, a present from Queen Anne Dispatch. No wonder I'm so hungry!

Holiday Panorama Adelita Style by Kamie Kahlo

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Here's to a lovely holiday! Lil Star and I embellished our tree in our own home-made Alice in Wonderland ornaments. See if you can find me scattered around the house decorating with Jelly. Of course I like to decorate in comfort and style, so I am wearing an Adea tank top from Italy, a Hollister cross-back gathered cami, some bootcut LTB jeans and my Kelsi Dagger wedges from Queen Anne Dispatch. I used this technique of panorama after Troy showed me his beautiful hotel photos from Hawaii. 

Caught in the Act at Work! by Kamie Kahlo

On my second day at Queen Anne Dispatch, I was approached on the sales floor by another associate, "Would you mind posing for a photo for our blog?"

Clearly, this darling girl did NOT know who she was talking to. "I would LOVE to!" I chuckled. So here I am with an English Saddle tote in my fabulous sheer long white shirt also from the store. I wore it open, tied it in the back and paired it with my Miss Sixty boots. On top I wore a little studded sunshine tee from Target and below... the experiment. I was tired of these outdated jeans sitting in my closet so right before my shift, I grabbed a pair of scissors, lopped off the legs and folded the fray. Voila! Cut-offs! Errr, they ended up being a little tight. Girls, DO try this at home but use an old roomy pair of jeans and spare your thighs the strangle. But, you know me, I never mind suffering a little for fashion!

July Prize Winner! by Kamie Kahlo

July's winner is extra lucky! Dr. Susan C from Tehacapi, CA will be opening a triple treat! June's feature store Queen Anne Mail and Dispatch gave our lucky girl a great pair of Sanuk Ibiza Gypsy sandals with a 20% off coupon and Mark. Cosmetics contributed their Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint in Cheeky! Adelita Style put a little sugar on top with our signature chocolate lolli! The Fashionista Club's lucky winner will be showing off her pretty pedi in style; These great sandals will go from playful pool party to hot tub wine tastings without a glitch! Maybe we could convince her to share a snapshot with us all.

If you haven't signed up for our Fashionista Club yet, what are you waiting for?
You could be our next lucky gal!!

Shoe Feast! by Kamie Kahlo

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Our feature boutique Queen Anne Dispatch has many delicious items to whet your appetite but their most coveted treats are their shoes. They follow the most exciting trends- flats, sandals, wedges, flip-flops; My favorite are the suede heels in colors ranging from taupe to nude and gray to lavender. Feast on a pair from their hundreds of styles: Kelsi Dagger, Nicole, Bronx, Naot, Sanuk or Apepazza. Yummy!

QA Dispatch: Party on the Hill by Kamie Kahlo

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Everyone had an amazing time at our feature boutique Queen Anne Dispatch's Friends and Family Night! There was a DJ, yummy cupcakes, champagne at the bar and clothes, shoes and more clothes!!

I walked into the boutique where Tara and Sabrina were serving up smiles and pointing me to the bar. What a great surprise to see "my" glittery halter top starring back at me! Yep, an old customer from my boutique was wearing her purchase from 3 years ago!! Talk about staying power! Did I mention that I have an amazing eye for classic pieces as well as trendy? But enough about me...

Customers were lookin hot in their latest purchases. They gobbled up dresses and tanks like there was no tomorrow! And I just happen to slip on a pair of MOTO jeans that I got at the sale which matched perfectly with my Oh Deer! wedges ALSO from the boutique.

I left with a smile and an idea in my head, "I must have those yummy grey hooded wedge sandals." Put the size 6 away girls! I'm coming back for more and so should you!

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Kamie Kahlo from Kimchee-Girl.com as designer

Hero Shot by Kamie Kahlo

I knew I wanted to do a product shot showcasing perfume so I started hunting down the perfect objects to support my concept. When I saw these darling lace panties with "I DO" stitched on the side in sparkling crystals from QA Dispatch, my lovely bottle shot became a wedding story. Tiny presents for her bridesmaides, a vase full of white roses, a delectable cupcake custom made for me from Wink, Erin's rococo table, heirlum bust and squishy antique chair set the scene. Maybe our bride was waiting in the wings, getting ready for her walk down the isle. What didn't make the shot? A stack of wedding magazines that I didn't quite have a place for. And what was the fragrance, who was our hero? Dolce & Gabbana's L'eau The One, of course.

Photographer: Lucien at Studio 3, Inc.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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I was walking down the street on the way to a meeting with M. A man stopped me and said, "Hey I like your t-shirt! 'Be Happy' I like that!" Ugh. If only I could BE my t-shirt these days. It's from FOREVER21, that cute little skinny skarf is from THE GAP, my jeans are FRANKIE B in mechanic wash, my shoes are OH DEER purchased at THE QUEEN ANNE DISPATCH, the handbag is CO LAB from CHRIS KON and my glasses are a vintage purchase - I put my prescription sun glass lenses in them so I could look chic AND see at the same time. So, if you can't BE happy, wear it!!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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I look tired. Dang! This outfit is a perfect Seattle outfit because it's in layers. The top layer consists of Seattle favorite, PRAIRIE UNDERGROUND hoodie with bib and adorable rouched back and a KENSIE denim skirt that I hacked off. The lower layer is a simple modal tee , black leggings with lace detail on the bottom and some darling little flats from QUEEN ANNE DISPATCH.