Let Freedom Gleam. by Kamie Kahlo

I am INSANE for lipgloss! I have cherry, berry, juicy, gems standing like perfect little soldiers in a glass jar on my bathroom counter. I have sticky, gooey, slippery stains mingling in the bottom of my purse. So, it's no surprise that I jumped at the chance to try Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss!

Gorgeous and good for you?! This vitamin rich, 100% natural lip treat is so sumptuous without the guilt. Have you heard all of those reports about how much lipstick and chemicals we girly girls eat over a lifetime? While I don't recommend eating this deliciously sinful lip treatment, (Yep, it's a treatment-bonus!) I do recommend reapplying as much as you wish.

I chose Freedom which is a sweet Strawberry Red. This gloss is slick not sticky so remember to bring it with you. But, like I said, no worries about indulging, this is 'good-for-you' color!!

Check out these nutrient rich ECO ingredients:
ORGANIC PLANT PROTEINS- organic plant proteins and extracts to deliver antioxidants and vitamins, ORGANIC OILS- organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic safflower oil to nourish and condition, ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER- to hydrate and moisturize, ORGANIC ALOE VERA- organic aloe vera sooth and soften, NATURAL PIGMENTS- pure mineral pigment for true natural color.

An organic lip treatment disguised as a gorgeous gloss; Let 'Freedom' gleam!

Loomstate Sends Me by Kamie Kahlo

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Celebrating Earth Day is a breeze when I slip on Loomstate’s Rivera Dress in Ocean Blue. I feel like a princess swept away on her sailboat, basking in nature’s beauty. Sigh.

If only that were true. I’m not a princess but I act like one and the Rivera dress takes me there with its whisper soft organic cotton layers, open kimono sleeves and gently tied waist.

But wearing this dress and feeling like I’m on vacation is no fantasy. I can easily see myself strolling along my favorite beach or sunny boardwalk in style. During the day, I’ll just throw the "flutter sleeve" dress over my bikini and hit the sand. And for those evening outings the dress’ removable slip will turn my look from day to night.

It’s cloudy in Seattle this Earth Day, but I’m not pouting. Loomstate has a way of carrying me away. I don’t need a boat to take me there; this simple 100% organic cotton Rivera dress in Ocean Blue does the job. A dress that can take you on a vacation just by putting it on? Give me one in every color!!

The editor of Fancy Green was a bit miffed when she had to turn over this item to me! Read her review here.

Dreamy Organic by Kamie Kahlo

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Organic by John Patrick sent me this boy tank in fawn (via Fancy Green). The first thing I did? Washed it! And, this is a secret, I put it in the dryer too! The tag says "hand wash and line dry." I say, "Who has time?" I have found that if you wash your super soft organic thingeez in the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low, quality garments like this buttery tank will hold up. Not very green of me? Well, that's debatable. I think if I am using a front load economy washer, I'm stuffing it to the max, and using warm or better yet cold water for both cycles, I may actually be using less energy. Line drying I can't beat. That is something to consider next time. Treat my organics with "green" gloves. Hmmm, I like it!

I slipped on my OJP bias cut tank on, zipped up my skinnies, tied on my pink
Pumas and threw on a pashmina and Juicy track jacket and headed out the door for my morning walk. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that I forgot to put on the tank. You see, it's so soft, you could swear you were naked. Really! It's that airy! The rest of my day was all about running around tying up loose ends that always seem to pop up near the end of the week.

I got home, made dinner, concentrated on what was wrong with everyone elses lives, you know US magazine, unzipped my skinnies, untied my Pumas, slipped off my Juicy and floated into a dreamy organic sleep thanks to my fawn tank from Organic by John Patrick.