T By Alexander Wang by Kamie Kahlo

A mash up of Alexander Wang images
Jewelry designer Mara Fitch has one guilty pleasure- tees by Alexander Wang. When we think of designer, often we think of quality, edgey-ness, and price. But, I assured her, she was right to covet these glorious finds and at $8o for a silk tee, it turns out to be an affordable pleasure. Add a few of these oversized classics to your dresser drawers via Nordstrom. And by the way, they make the perfect canvas for one of Mara's antique brass necklaces!

Pocket-Size Nicole Hits it Big with Winter Kate by Kamie Kahlo

"Do you want to come see Nicole Richie with me?" I squeeked.

"Why would I want to do that?" Dana chortled back.

I would show her! Nicole Richie has been a fashion icon since her days with Rachel Zoe. This little rebelious pixie isn't just about her famous on again off again relationship with Paris Hilton. Keep up! Ms. Richie has blossomed into a beautiful designer; Last year with her charming jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 and this Spring with her bohemian dream collection Winter Kate.

I dragged Dana downtown to Nordstrom for Nicole's personal appearance and instead of standing in line for an autograph, I decided to SHOW Dana that I wasn't just a stalker. We bee-lined it straight to the Winter Kate racks in Savvy where Jenelle showed us the line. We grabbed 5 key pieces and I swear I heard Dana say, "This is so me!" when she picked up the Grace chiffon tunic.

When we got to the dressing room, there were about 10 pieces from the line. "Good girl Jenelle," I thought. The Savvy girl had paired our picks with vests, pants and complimenting scarves. We ooooed and ahhed over every garment. We gasped at the reasonable prices. My girl Dana had to admit it, this stuff wasn't just good it was great! "I need to get myself into this dress!" I cooed while looking into my reflection in the Grey floral Kimono Dress, "There's a photo of Nicole in this and it's like dragging all over the floor! I love! I must have!" Dana purchased a Winter Kate navy cami and House of Harlow peacock ring.

I thought this would be a good time to say it, "Do you want to stand in line?"

"Sure." Dana smiled.

I have two autographed postcards! (Dana gave me her's.) I LOVE it when I'm right!

Move Over Miley Part 2 by Kamie Kahlo

click on this photo for a closer look!

Miley returns for this shoot with photographer Lucien at Studio 3, Inc! Err, at least my inspiration from Miley returns. I channeled the country girl vibe while styling and producing this darling little barn shot. (Check out the tub full of bubbles in the back!) Our little Country Cinderella mannequin is ready to rake the hay, pluck the chickens, warsh the clothes and still make that hoedown throw down! Her get-up includes a Frankie B western button up, some great finds from Nordstrom's Brass Plum and a pair of darling boots from Target's Liberty of London line. My ace-high kickers are from Miss Sixty, the top is from F21 and those down home jeans are from Little Big. Stay tuned for more from this fun shoot but, fer now I've got to skedaddle!

Adelita Style at the Nordstorm Trend Show by Kamie Kahlo

Me and the Chanel rep after the Trend show. Ain't we cute?

Sean and I attended the Nordstrom Trend Show this past weekend. I staggered out of bed on Saturday at 7am and was out the door at 8. “This better be good!” I told Sean when I picked him up from his studio.

By 8:30 we were herding ourselves into an underground makeup lair, greeted by uber polite gay men handing us tote bags with treats, pastries and coffee, thank God!

The show began and the question was posed, “Does anyone here want flawless, beautiful skin?!” A dull roar came from the crowd, “I can’t hear you!” Then a resounding cheer. They caught on fast. I had never experienced hundreds of women drinking in the latest makeup trends. But, I had been to a male strip club once (ONCE) many years ago. I have to say, these trend show ladies had the same reaction to skincare as the bachlorettes at the strip club; Hoots and hollars for free stuff, screams and cheers for the Delectable and Delicious male models donning the latest tanning cream and awwws and ooohs for the newest mascara mania. After an hour or so, I started to feel peppy and positive too. The excitement was contagious.

When the show was over, all of us herded ourselves back up to civilization and the frenzy of makeup continued with rows of chairs lined all around the Nordstrom makeup floor. Ladies quickly took their appointments and whipped out their credit cards for the freshest and most exclusive skincare and makeup. I was simply searching for my favorite model. For some unknown reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture with a Barbie clone. When I finally found her and stood by her side I murmered, “Do I really want to take a picture with you?” She laughed uncomfortably, Sean took the shot and I zoomed over to the male models for a quick photo op.

I had a great time, no impulse buys but my favorite makeup rep from Chanel, of course, promised a package of goodies after the Oscars! Will it be those gorgeous temporary tattoos that Barbie and the Chanel models were wearing on the runway? I understand that Sandra Bullock wore a Chanel lipstick for her Oscar victory. Was it their gorgeous new lipstick Rouge Coco? Women should start wearing lipstick again. At least, that’s what they said at the trend show.

In this story all photos and video by Sean Watson.