Adelita Style Shopping List for Summer by Kamie Kahlo

My summer shopping list always consists of color. And for this photoshoot with David Bell at Studio 3, Inc. I loaded my car up with fresh grass, my Yorkie Jelly Bean and a few of my favorite things:

From the top yummy pink Necco Wafers, Tarina Tarantino bangle, TT Tokyo Hardware handbag, my classic iPod, pink drugstore sunglasses, Jelly Bean modeling a LouisDog sweater, Hat Attack spilling with Japanese comics, dollar store finds, my baby doll from when I was 5-years-old (I finally took the netting off for this shoot!), Noir crocheted pins and a handful of TT PinkHead jewelry, my Cochni glittery sandals and a delicious Raz-Dillo cream filled snack cake!!

Most of these items are long gone but you may be able to ebay some. If you want to fill your bag with fun, colorful items, go to my website, for links to of-the-moment must haves.
 Love, Kamie

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Tara and I were discussing our "go-to" outfits. You know, sometimes you don't feel like trying to put together an outfit and you need that easy fix. Another wardrobe stylist on the hill slips on a pair of cowboy boots over her comfy skinnies, while I prefer the rocker look. Today I coasted by with a Stooges tee, Johnny Was black tuxedo shirt, a pinstriped cropped blazer with red silk lining, my favorite Streets Ahead Belt, dirty wash skinny jeans and Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. For a little edge I slipped on my spikey rings from Noir and a giant vintage angel wing ring that Mara gave me. What's your go-to look?

Café Ole or Take it Black by Kamie Kahlo

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Early this particular morning, I was faced with a decision; Do I wear color or put on this city’s uniform standard spanning from brown to black? I wore my favorites and then, I ran into two lovely girls in front of the coffee shop. Natalia and Maiensy stylishly flanked me in a sea of black. And while black can be a strong cup of confidence as these girls prove, I said, “Make mine a Café Ole!”

I wore my turq tank that I customized with a spicy yellow trim bib filled with multi-sized tomato-red buttons, a vintage cardigan with vivid stripes, a TARINA TARANTINO strawberry clip, a NOIR friendship charm necklace, my special edition LE SPORTSAC TOKI DOKI mini purse and my FRANKIE B rainbow jeans. I grounded all of this color with a pair of vintage cream suede HUSH PUPPIES. ¡Vivir una vida colorida! (Life is colorful!)

Contributors: Sean Watson- photographer