mother's day

Never Too Much by Kamie Kahlo

Growing up internationally, I remember my mother going out to several Naval events. Her look was always put together but never overdone. Her hair coiffed perfectly into an understated beehive she carried on her the perfect accessories; a matching belt, pastel angora sweater, dainty charm bracelet, grapevine earrings and, of course, a fabulously chic clutch. With the resurgence of 50's style, due to Mad Men obsessed women turned ladies, I think this is the perfect photo to reflect on this Mother's Day. Take a tip from this original fashionista, my mama.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! by Kamie Kahlo

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Looking through what little photos I had of my mother, she doesn't like her picture taken, I was able to come up with these 4 to share with you.

My Mother Pregnant: She told me this was taken the night before they coaxed me out. I refused being born. Inside my mother's womb, I held myself captive and wouldn't come out for 10 months, or so the legend goes. They literally had to turn me around and pull me out! It was a glimpse into my future stubborn ways.

My Fashionista Mommy: We were on a Navy ship, I loved watching her dress for the day and then glam it up for the evenings dinner at the Captain's table. My sister and I were in the ship's talent show one night. Peggy had no trouble performing but as my mother took my hand and led me to the stage, well, that's when we discovered my horrible stage fright. I wouldn't let go of mommy's hand. She wore a white dress that night with quarter-sized rhinestone earrings.

Mother Holding Me: We were sending off my father. He was leaving for VietNam and my mother made sure that all of her daughters were dressed nicely for the send off. There's a painting of me in this same dress hanging by my studio desk.

My Mom's 70th Birthday: We had a giant Korean party for her. It was colorful, the food was tasty and the tradition rich. All of her close relatives had to bow low to the ground in front of her and serve her in a ritual tea ceremony. We all filled my mother's tiny cup with Saki instead. Boy was she drunk after 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 6 grandchildren!

When you are close to your mother, somehow you know everything will be taken care of. I should know. I loved to watch my mother practicing her Ichibana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) in our home in Korea. She always made sure the house looked perfect and for this little girl, that meant safety. She sewed my sister and my clothes until we were teens. Dressing your children is a loving gesture, completely motherly. She faithfully made the family breakfast, lunch and dinner to sustain us and keep us healthy. She took me to the salon every month for the latest haircut, every holiday for an updo, teaching us beauty, etiquette and maintenance.

When I come home now, she still keeps the house perfectly tidy, she mends my clothes, a warm meal is waiting for us and I always, always do my hair just the way I know she would like. It might take an extra hour but it's the least I can do and she taught me to do so.

Happy mother's day mommy!!