mineral fusion

Dramatic Lashes without all the Drama by Kamie Kahlo

Being a stylist, one of my biggest complaints with mascara is the amount of product that comes out. It's either too much or too little. I like Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara's opulent formula. It's neither wimpy nor miniscule and the ample, chunky brush is the perfect applicator for any lash. Personally I have smaller Asian-girl lashes and my eyes have a tendency to be sensitive and water a lot. With this mascara, I didn't have any smudges at the end of the day. I didn't have to glob on a ton for day time either, just one application did the trick. If I wanted more drama, I would just reapply for evening. Because of it's soothing formula, no unnecessary chemicals here, my eyes didn't complain one bit. I got the 'graphite' which is a nice rich grey-black. This formula also comes in 'rock' a pretty chocolate brown. It's a great gentle mascara and I am one tough customer!

Makeup Before and After by Kamie Kahlo

The editor of Fancy Green asked me to use my experience as a makeup artist to review a line of natural cosmetics called Mineral Fusion. Since Miss E never wears makeup, she recruited her neighbor as a model. "This could be rough." I thought. But, I took the short drive to the destination with my styling kit in the trunk. When I knocked on the models door, she opened it and I was pleasantly surprised, "Phew! A good canvas!" I sighed. Natalie had a great complexion and sparkling eyes. Now for the makeup, would a natural, mineral makeup sold at Whole Foods be able to stand up to my professional scrutiny and general pickiness? See for yourself; Above are photos of Natalie in stages with and without makeup plus a terrific before and after! My favorite product was the velvety smooth Face Primer. It gave our model the appearance of an airbrushed, flawless face. Read the full review for Fancy Green here. Even the no-makeup editor was so impressed, she ordered some for herself. I explained, "The goal is to get your skin to look its best, not to make you look like someone else. Good makeup will do that." I'm so excited about this good-for-you makeup, I am hoping to get one of my Fashionista Club members a pretty surprise!! Stay tuned.