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Move Over Miley Part 2 by Kamie Kahlo

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Miley returns for this shoot with photographer Lucien at Studio 3, Inc! Err, at least my inspiration from Miley returns. I channeled the country girl vibe while styling and producing this darling little barn shot. (Check out the tub full of bubbles in the back!) Our little Country Cinderella mannequin is ready to rake the hay, pluck the chickens, warsh the clothes and still make that hoedown throw down! Her get-up includes a Frankie B western button up, some great finds from Nordstrom's Brass Plum and a pair of darling boots from Target's Liberty of London line. My ace-high kickers are from Miss Sixty, the top is from F21 and those down home jeans are from Little Big. Stay tuned for more from this fun shoot but, fer now I've got to skedaddle!

What the *?! All Grown Up! by Kamie Kahlo

On the cusp of her 17th birthday, Miley Cyrus makes her emancipation from mouse ears in "Party in the USA." Twenty years before in 1989 Janet Jackson declared her independence from childhood on Rhythm Nation's seventh single, "Miss You Much." So what pulls a girl into her womanhood? For many of us girls it's a biological change followed by a series of hair, makeup and wardrobe choices that would make our daddy’s blush! As a stylist, I notice EVERYTHING. Was it Miley's "daisy dukes"? Her dark eyes? Those amazing country kicks Did Janet make it happen with her new "exposure"? Her fabulous, sophisticated updo? Was it Antonio Sabato Jr.? It was all of these things and more! But the pièce de résistance? Say “cheese” and smile! No one can smile like a woman, confident, happy and yes, sexy. I am on my way to pick up some Crest Whitestrips right now! Like Yeah!!

(S)Miley or K(l)amie? by Kamie Kahlo

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So, I decided to take the lastest issue of Glamour and recreate one of the amazing photos of my latest obsession, Miley Cyrus. This billion-dollar babe posed with her sweet Sophie wearing a blazer and skirt by LOUIS VUITTON, her booties are CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. For my version, I borrowed Mara's super cool fringed jacket from KATE MOSS TOPSHOP and tied it around my waist and a SHARON SEGAL keyhole dress with my new pointy toed, peep show shoes from SHOEDAZZLE! Miley is definitely WAY more adorable and well lit than me but, I have to say my little Maltese wins by a nose over Miley's Malti-poo. Cuz my Snoopy is CA-YOOT!!

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