Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait: Six Feet Tall! by Kamie Kahlo

Today I felt six-feet tall because, well, I was! Remember those Jeffrey Campbell shoes I wanted? I got 'em! I received this special delivery from Cherry and I couldn't wait to put them on. 5 hours of bliss on the sales floor! I wore my "grandmother's couch" with a zippered floral top and Vigoss jeans from Meadow, a darling little headband from Lily's, a layered necklace made of vintage medallions and Lil Star lent me a pair of zipper earrings. I no longer have to be jealous of my leggie bosses. (They tower over me at 5' 10" and 5' 11".) I can just slip these tapestry booties on and look them in the eye.

Meadow Interview by Kamie Kahlo

If this little pictorial doesn't finally convince you that our feature boutque Meadow is the prettiest thing in town, maybe this will; Meadow has graciously donated an amazing exclusive piece of jewelry from Frida Loves Jewels to one of our lucky Fashionista Club members! Join our club for a chance to win or play it safe and give Shelley a visit. There's always something adorable at Meadow and it won't break your Prada wallet!

Here's my interview with Meadow owner Shelley Hall :

AS: I used to be in the clothes buying business and it is no small task. I also know that finding pieces for great prices is that much harder. How do you do it?

Meadow: I worked in a few small boutiques over the years, my experience watching others making buying decisions was at least a foundation for how to start. I really try and stay within a range of cost for the items I buy. Its essentially working from a budget and not being tempted by more expensive lines. The real challenge is finding cute stuff that is still affordable, the Internet allows me to see the newest items from the companies I buy from.

AS: You have quite a selection from housewares to furniture, from apothecary to clothing. What is your passion?

Meadow: Some days I think I should have gotten into interior design, I love decorating and making a space feel more inviting. But it's definitely satisfying selling clothing too because it makes people feel better "shopping therapy!" If I were to open another store I think I would want to expand the Home Decor and include more antiques, my other passion.

AS: You don't have to convince me to come to your boutique. A couple blocks up a hill and a few blocks west of the main drag, now's your chance to convince others to come. What's unique about your store? (As if I didn't know.)

Meadow: Word of mouth has been my best sales pitch. I hope that everyone who comes in feels welcome and finds something cute and affordable to buy, If they tell even one person I have another potential customer. With the economy the way it is I think people are excited to discover how affordable my store is, its hard to come by these days especially in smaller boutiques. I have been lucky with the press I have already gotten in the first few months- Seattle Magazine May 2010, Daily Candy, and NW Source.

AS: Wow! Being so new that's great! They must have sensed your store, sort of like in "Twilight". Which brings me to my next question, I love your store's name, "Meadow." What does it mean to you?

Meadow: Its really funny you mentioned Twilight. I have actually never seen the show and don't particularly like anything about vampires. I have had many people ask me about the name and where it came from, the simplest response is that I really wanted to use a single word that evoked only positive associations and incorporated something natural. I have tried to create an atmosphere that is inviting and pretty, so I'm hoping my name conveys that.

AS: Indeed it does! Okay, now for a silly question. (These are really the one's that let us get to know you.) Your store and you are all about sweetness and light. What is your favorite treat and why?

Meadow: If you mean edible treats? I would say my very favorite thing is Cadbury Mini Eggs- only available at Easter so cute and pastel and so good!

Just like you my dear!

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look!

My dog Jelly Bean brings out the animal in me. I took a trip to Meadow and found this darling bat-wing, leopard print jacket, Lily's special ordered OPI's 'Chopsticking to My Story' for me, and Cherry gave me these pointy Report shoes. I received oh-so-many compliments on my purrrfect outfit, I decided to share it with you!

Vigoss Available at Meadow! by Kamie Kahlo

click on this photo for a better look!

Vigoss Denim is known for their trend-setting washes but did you know how affordable this little line from Istanbul is? These Turkish delights are right around $50! At that price, you can afford a pair with the newest purple pocket stitching and some with cute little rhinestones like the ones I shot at our feature boutique. You can get these yummies on line but, take a walk to the Meadow and try em on! If you live out of town give this trendy boutique a call (206) 659-4963 and they'll be happy to ship you the latest.

Madison High Meadow by Kamie Kahlo

The Twilight movie is set in the very-real town and surrounding areas of Forks, Washington. But due to cost factors and special incentives offered by Oregon, the film was primarily shot in the Portland and the Saint Helens area. So while it might be located in Portland, Madison High actually filled in for mostly interior shots as Forks High School in the film, while the majority of exterior scenes were done up north at Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington. On our little Spring break we payed a visit to this Madison High while we were in Portland.

Cast: Rainbow as Bella in a red jacket from F21 and Urban Outfitters forest green buckled rain boots and Lil Star as Edward in her Curious George sweatshirt and GapKids jeans.

It was mighty chilly "filming" on the steps of the high school.

Rainbow makes a beautiful Bella, don't you think?

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

Making business plans for the new year! This calls for inspiration. Next to me is the CUTE OVERLOAD daily calendar, I'm wearing my TARINA TARANTINO earrings and BEBE ring and of course my little Jelly Bean is bouncing around on the carpet below me. I am wearing a darling little bat-wing sweater that I just got from a sweet little boutique that just opened up on 1959 6th Ave W @ W Crockett St called MEADOW. The prices are great and the atmosphere is darling! My friend Erin even gave me those sweet little deer silhouettes that she bought from the same store! If you are up on the hill in Queen Anne, drop by and see what's in store.