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NEVER AGAIN by Kamie Kahlo

Jewelry is fun on you and displayed on your table!
While thrift shopping with jewelry designer Mara Fitch, I came across some key pieces to complete a hot gangsta look. I spent $12 total layering chain after chain, not including the pricey chunky silver flat chain that I borrowed from my boy "D". Here's what I used: a "Never Again" shoot-em-up necklace, a belt key chain with a black cross and a beautiful tarnished choker. But this look isn't just good for displaying on lil ol me, I bought this cool jewelry holder from Charley and May Co. to drape my finds on and set them on my bar top!

T By Alexander Wang by Kamie Kahlo

A mash up of Alexander Wang images
Jewelry designer Mara Fitch has one guilty pleasure- tees by Alexander Wang. When we think of designer, often we think of quality, edgey-ness, and price. But, I assured her, she was right to covet these glorious finds and at $8o for a silk tee, it turns out to be an affordable pleasure. Add a few of these oversized classics to your dresser drawers via Nordstrom. And by the way, they make the perfect canvas for one of Mara's antique brass necklaces!

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Tara and I were discussing our "go-to" outfits. You know, sometimes you don't feel like trying to put together an outfit and you need that easy fix. Another wardrobe stylist on the hill slips on a pair of cowboy boots over her comfy skinnies, while I prefer the rocker look. Today I coasted by with a Stooges tee, Johnny Was black tuxedo shirt, a pinstriped cropped blazer with red silk lining, my favorite Streets Ahead Belt, dirty wash skinny jeans and Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. For a little edge I slipped on my spikey rings from Noir and a giant vintage angel wing ring that Mara gave me. What's your go-to look?

Mara Fitch by Kamie Kahlo

Self Portrait by Mara Fitch. From acquaintance - to client - to friend, this fashion icon steals the spotlight from everyone in the room.

Mara is the perfect Demeulemeester "Pin-Up". Her effortless wavy, grey-streaked hair untouched, it seems, by comb, hair color or scissors frames her tiny face, a delicate mask of perfection, makeup free. Tall? Of course. Thin? Like a bird.

Dark and mysterious, quiet and strong. She spends her days reading piles of books, photographing self portraits and making beautiful jewelry. Her smart fingers weave, paint and craft. At night, she watches French films, drinks wine with friends, peruses blogs, reads more piles of books. She thinks, she researches.

But while I admire her beauty, her talent and demeanor, it is her love for fashion that resonates. It is what completes her and ultimately defines her. It's what sets her apart, confirming that loving something makes you beautiful.

Black on Black by Kamie Kahlo

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Here I am playing with mixtures of feminine and masculine, much like Chanel does. Justin Gollmer and I shot this in his amazing new studio called Lucile. Here is a rundown on the goods:
  1. Jeffrey Campbell lace up booty sans tongue, wear fun tights with these!!
  2. Prada wedge, perfect with a wide leg pant.
  3. Report Signature pumps, you know what to do with these.
  4. Mara Fitch Jewelry aka Knitcake, layer these vintage babys on and even Karl Lagerfeld will swoon!
  5. Betsey Johnson open-toed pump, throw on a fabulous 40's dress and go Swing dancing.
  6. Juicy Couture jewelry boxes, I wear the bangles and showcase the boxes in my home. Bonus!
  7. Matisse Joplin rocker boot, skinny jeans and a black tank will take you to the next level, add a touch of fur (or faux fur) and you're "Almost Famous."
  8. My deliciously wicked and extra large Tano bag is not for the faint at heart. I carry my laptop in this one.
  9. All props are stylist (that's me!) own.

So next time you want to grit up your look a bit, think Biker Chic meets Lacey Siren and bring out your Dangerous!