lip gloss

Hot Sauce by Kamie Kahlo

Lindsey Wixon's Ruby Pout

A must have in your cosmetic "wardrobe" is a long wearing red lipstick. I love Nouba's Millibaci lipgloss. It can be dabbed on with your finger to create a rosy stain or you can go full throttle and use the wand to seal your hot kiss. Millibaci actually means "millions of kisses" and that is exactly where your pretty pout will lead you to. Muah!

Fashionable Lip Gloss that won't Roll Off by Kamie Kahlo

Model is wearing Candy Cameo Ring
Electric Butterfly, what a treat!
Countless numbers of lip glosses are hiding beneath car seats, rolling endlessly down city streets and made there way behind toilet seats. Not a problem with Tarina Tarantino's Lip Gloss Fashion Rings! Your finger need never be naked and your lips will never be bare again. I love Candy Cameo in tangy cherry, Victorian Punk in sumptuos grape and Tokyo Hardcore in mouth watering honeydew, but you can also try Bibarucci in pale gold or Electric Butterfly in orange! You can also get them at Sephora.

Let Freedom Gleam. by Kamie Kahlo

I am INSANE for lipgloss! I have cherry, berry, juicy, gems standing like perfect little soldiers in a glass jar on my bathroom counter. I have sticky, gooey, slippery stains mingling in the bottom of my purse. So, it's no surprise that I jumped at the chance to try Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss!

Gorgeous and good for you?! This vitamin rich, 100% natural lip treat is so sumptuous without the guilt. Have you heard all of those reports about how much lipstick and chemicals we girly girls eat over a lifetime? While I don't recommend eating this deliciously sinful lip treatment, (Yep, it's a treatment-bonus!) I do recommend reapplying as much as you wish.

I chose Freedom which is a sweet Strawberry Red. This gloss is slick not sticky so remember to bring it with you. But, like I said, no worries about indulging, this is 'good-for-you' color!!

Check out these nutrient rich ECO ingredients:
ORGANIC PLANT PROTEINS- organic plant proteins and extracts to deliver antioxidants and vitamins, ORGANIC OILS- organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic safflower oil to nourish and condition, ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER- to hydrate and moisturize, ORGANIC ALOE VERA- organic aloe vera sooth and soften, NATURAL PIGMENTS- pure mineral pigment for true natural color.

An organic lip treatment disguised as a gorgeous gloss; Let 'Freedom' gleam!