Mogo @ Lily's by Kamie Kahlo

On Sunday gobs of people rushed into LILY'S PAMPERING SALON AND PARTY BOUTIQUE to take a look at the latest in trendy tween jewelry, MOGO. And who does a girl party better than LILY'S? It was the perfect fit! And, this time, I was behind the camera as photographer. The sweet little girls were the perfect subjects and made my job ultra easy. Clever girls linked the bands together and made headbands, double bracelets and belts. You can check out these MOGO charm bands and sets of three “Twirly Girl” magnet charms or select single charms to your liking at LILY'S. If you aren't in the area, check them out at NEIMAN'S.

From Red to Black by Kamie Kahlo

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I had to leave my house incognito today. You see, I let my hair go far too long without a professional color. The last "home" attempt granted me with the most awful dry scalp and even though the box showed a beautiful deep dark brown, my hair turned a terrible orange. I simply had to enter my salon Lily's under the radar. I swear to you I did NOT retouch the color in the photos; it was just that embarrassing! But, when I walked out of the salon I held my head high; my hair went from drab to shiny, from limp to lively and from red to black. Now I can show my face AND my hair. Take a tip from me, don't color at home girls and if you're in town call Marley up at Lily's, she really knows how to pamper you beautiful!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait: A Day at Lily's by Kamie Kahlo

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I ran into SEAN hanging these adorable portraits at LILY'S Pampering Salon and Party Boutique, a fabulous girl haven where girly girls of any age can get mini mani/pedi's, cute cuts, vivid hair color and darling little treasures like this adorable strawberry compact with lipgloss inside and the clear floral print headband I just bought. For my little spa treat I wore my LTB skinnies, a STREETS AHEAD belt, an amazing rouge red tank with faux menswear collar from SIGAL DEKEL and just to put me in the mood, Matilde's PAYLESS SMARTFIT kid's shoes in glittery gold weave. If the little girl in you is in the mood for cupcakes and pampering, make your appointment today!

Contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Kamie Kahlo as silly little girl

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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For what has proven to be our hottest days of summer, (yesterday broke a record at 104) I paired some old and new items, some given to me and some purchased by me. Let's go toe to head this time. Cherry gave me these fabulous boots from MISS SIXTY! I recommend a great pair of vintage boots in it's place. The cordoroy mini skirt is from
ABERCROMBIE, you can find another cute one similar to it on their site. Cherry gave me the top too- it's from H&M. I modified it a bit, it had some lace that was too stretched out so, I cut it out and I wear it with an old HOLLISTER lace tank underneath. The pearl necklace is borrowed from Lil Star who got it as a "freebie" with her PAWPARAZZI PETS from LILY'S. The straw cowboy hat is vintage but you can find a cute green one just like it at TARGET . And the bag is made from recycled plastic by TOTE LE MONDE.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Oh my! Where have I been?! Today I am wearing Lil Star's red and black skull and star headband purchased at LILY'S PAMPERING SALON, a fun rag skarf, supercute vest from TARGET, a BURTON long tee that Cherry gave me, jeans and my HARLEY DAVIDSON boots; on my lips, Sweet Jelly in #150 Sugar! from RIMMEL LONDON!