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Happy Birthday Lil Star by Kamie Kahlo

Lil Star

Fourteen years ago, a star was born. This stage of adolescence can often seem like you are on an interstellar path. Try to remember that sometimes just a twinkle and sometimes enough to blind, when you are star you always shine.

You may find yourself looking for a mirror in your friends but what is reflected is not the truth. They can only tell you what they need you to be, not who you really are. It’s your time to radiate; leave others in your shadow or let them bask in your rays.

Born fourteen years ago a spark, you grew to a glimmer, you suffer loneliness in your brilliance and remain a flicker until one day you gleam.


Adelita Style Hair Tutorial - All Because of You by Kamie Kahlo

It's- All Because of You! Watch Puffy Ami Yumi's video too.
Lil Star made this hair tutorial inspired by one of her favorite vloggers! The hair turned out pretty cute. You should give it a try. I was playing around with this teased ponytail look at the Dispatch and a cute boy spotted me - Ruh roh - You might get spotted too!

Puppy Love & Recall on Pig's Ears by Kamie Kahlo

Lil Star relaxing in the sun with our Maltese Snoopy
How we love our little ones. That's why when a reader, (many thanks to Ryan), contacted me about a recall on pig ear dog chews, I didn't hesitate to respond with this post. Please read the following article for more information. And rest your eyes on the beauty of my two babies, Lil Star and Snoopy.

Lil Star's Plans by Kamie Kahlo

Plans for the Valentine's Dance. 
On my way out the door, I glanced into Lil Star's room and saw these piles of clothes bundled on her chaise. We had moved her bed out of her room months ago because she didn't want to sleep in it any longer. "Too messy!" This little chaise was the perfect touch to her remodel. No more twin bed. A lofty sleeping bag from Cabella's gets rolled up in the morning and unfurled at night. Instead of Twilight posters and silhouettes of her favorite children's movies, she now prefers Marie Antionette, florals and branches. She now prefers romance and lace instead of vampires and blood. And one of these outfits goes very well with her current love, a new boyfriend! 

The Bliss of Water by Kamie Kahlo

For Lil star whose opportunity at folly is here in Seattle. Her blossoming fervor is mine too and I am passionately her mother.

Complacency is contagious and passion is hard to come by. Every day we live without enthusiasm is just another day we die. The happiest moments of my life were entrenched in chance resulting in ecstasy.  Every obsession I have explored has left me broke and empty; Every indifference, I remain the same. But isn't this saying something? When the water runs dry in a vessel, it's so we can fill it again. There is always something else. An explosion of bliss is so big that it paints the walls and ceilings startlingly blue and collects in pools around our feet. It envelopes us and time stands still. We no longer experience the ticking of the clock. Instead we feel everything. I live in Seattle where year after year, I only felt the seasons blurring into one another, I encountered time at it's essence. This summer while tortuous for some was my chance to turn the whole thing upside down and smell the bliss of grey. I wear it, I painted my walls in it, I step outside into it; True passionate weather experience. It sounds silly but this love of dreary has changed my life. You can be zealous about anything and it's something to be shared. It only becomes selfish when it has worn out it's welcome. I write this blog and share my thoughts and feelings when passion strikes and, frankly, I can't keep up with it.

When She Cares: The Next Generation by Kamie Kahlo

Most of the time Lil Star dresses in a style like a plain brown wrapper and because she is so utterly beautiful, she still manages to shine. As hard as she may try, she is a star. In the blackest sky she sometimes fades into the darkness but mostly she is a beacon. When she cares, she is the north star, flashy, distinct and standing out like no other. I encourage her caring about her clothing, her hair, caring for her skin and I know that she misreads my intention. I see every bit of her special potential inside and out. But some of that is natural beauty which is not to be dumbed down because society has gone so far off the deep end as to say that beauty is wrong or bad. It is not bad. It's the next generation but only if we are willing to admit that nature loves beauty and so do we.

Coppélia and My Lil Star by Kamie Kahlo

This post is lovingly dedicated to my father,
Keith Carlyle Boyce, born February 22, 1923- June 26, 2009

Coppélia has long since been my favorite ballet. I read this comic Balanchine story while listening to Delibes many times over to Estelle. So you can imagine the joy when a letter from the Pacific Northwest Ballet came to our home addressed to my Lil Star welcoming her to the cast.

Although I do not think of my little girl as just a dancer, I knew from day one that a star was born. The first day of her life, she stretched her tiny 5 lb body out as the doctor weighed her and held her head up. Yes, held her head up from her swan-like neck. She wasn't going to be ordinary, just extraordinary. Even before she was born, Estelle would dance in the womb. There were no high kicks but gentle, graceful nudges from her arms and legs that glided through the inside of my body; Just like a ballerina.

As soon as she could walk, she would dance for our guests without hesitation. Estelle has always been and will always be a shy girl but for some reason performing provides a cacoon protecting her from the outside world. There she can be as grand as an opera singer without anyone knowing her real identity, she is protected some how.

James Moore and Mara Vinson at dress rehearsal. Photo by Kam Martin of needle+thread

On the night of the Coppélia performance, I watched the 1st and 2nd acts with delight. Rachel Foster, for me, could not have been a better choice for the precocious Swanilda and the charming Coppélia. Ms. Foster's identity is seemingly protected within her dance too. Or is it? I have had the privilege to see and speak with this rebellious ballerina and she is every bit the mischevious girl that her part portrayed. She made the audience laugh out loud and cheer for more.

Rachel Foster at dress rehearsal. Photo by Kam Martin of needle+thread

PNB Students dance at dress rehearsal. Photo by Kam Martin of needle+thread

When the 3rd act began, my mother sat beside me anxiously awaiting her granddaughter's entrance. I know that she and I both wished that my father could have been there too. I was on the edge of my seat and minutes into it the Dedication of the Bells began with the Waltz of the Golden Hours. At that moment, I discovered that my daughter and her young classmates were not budding dancers; On this special night, they had arrived! No they weren't 'en pointe' but please, they were marvelous with their display of gestures only a trained ballerina could know. Their timing was impeccable, their grace astounding and each child's personality shone in the special, very individual way they smiled.

And my Lil Star, stretched her tiny 78 lb body out and held up her swan-like neck to dance.

Madison High Meadow by Kamie Kahlo

The Twilight movie is set in the very-real town and surrounding areas of Forks, Washington. But due to cost factors and special incentives offered by Oregon, the film was primarily shot in the Portland and the Saint Helens area. So while it might be located in Portland, Madison High actually filled in for mostly interior shots as Forks High School in the film, while the majority of exterior scenes were done up north at Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington. On our little Spring break we payed a visit to this Madison High while we were in Portland.

Cast: Rainbow as Bella in a red jacket from F21 and Urban Outfitters forest green buckled rain boots and Lil Star as Edward in her Curious George sweatshirt and GapKids jeans.

It was mighty chilly "filming" on the steps of the high school.

Rainbow makes a beautiful Bella, don't you think?

Baby Brother by Kamie Kahlo

On a short vacation with Lil Star, we decided to pay my baby brother a visit. At Christmas my two sisters and I decided it was time for my mother to don the ultimate accessory, a small dog. Sammy is a Pekingese who from that day on has sat at my mother's feet. He swishes his long mane around the carpet like an expensive mop, no feet in sight. And in a few short months he has learned to dance, shake hands, bark for his food and kiss a rag doll that my mother made! But this 2,000 year old Qing Dynasty Treat is not just decoration, he is part of the family, my baby brother.

P.S. What is he wearing? Only a beautiful dog like Sammy could get away with going commando under a fur coat.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait: Korean by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look!

Where have I been? In the coming days you will see that I have been a busy little Korean girl! Just to prove it, let's start off with this collage from Lil Star's Multi-Cultural Fair. This year we decorated a presentation board focusing on current Korean music, fashion and food. While I cut and pasted photos of our favorite things, Estelle wrote an article to explain our glittery deco'd board. My fashion style was not from Korea but it was Korea-Style: I wore an F21 cardigan with that ever important shoulder detail, a Diane Medak tank with ruffle detail, Fiorucci jeans, Streets Ahead belt and a darling pair of ruffely, bowy pumps that Cherry gave me.

Giggles and Snow by Kamie Kahlo

If you live on the West Coast there is little snow in the cities this time of year. This, of course, can be very upsetting to a little girl. But, what is unique to our particular region is that you can drive a couple of hours and see a winter wonderland. So, D and I took our Lil Star and her two BFFs to the snow. It was there that I could test out my beautiful holiday present, an HD camcorder! Take a look at this short video (if you want to see more, go to LIL STAR'S BLOG) and take a look at this darling little DXG RIVIERA 720p HD White Camcorder...

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

SEAN asked the Kahlo family to Sunday brunch last week. Here are some photos of the new studio that Sean and Bennett share. (Bennett did a smashing job on turning the old basement into a great live/work studio!) That morning we had fried chicken and grits as requested by LIL STAR. She took Sean and I back into his photo studio for a quick couple of photos. Here's what I wore: a darling little sweater dress that Cherry gave me over grey leggings and stripey socks to cover my chicken legs, my BETSEY JOHNSON necklace draped over the sweater nicely, a leather jacket and vintage boots carried me through another rainy day and Lil Star did my hair Manga style and added a couple of cherry clips!

Babies by Kamie Kahlo

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It's all in the eyes. Sometimes the camera is able to capture the soul in side. Jelly Bean is lively and energetic, she only wants your approval; Lil Star has depth and experience beyond her years, her innocence lies beneath; Snoopy is shy and slow, a sleepy pillow. They are all my babies.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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I went "boy" when it came time to decide what to wear to the 5th Ave Theater's JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT starring American Idol's Anthony Federov. Here's what I wore: Xuly-Bet recycled men's shirt, vintage wide legged pants, my wedding shoes, SIGAL DEKEL's men's wear tie and fabulous embroidered coat. Lil Star wore an atypically girlie ensemble so I thought it only made sense to "man-up" and be her date.

Game On! Part Deux by Kamie Kahlo

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Remember last week's post? Above is the concept in full form! Everything is in focus. So, what you are looking at is 3 different shots in 1! (The ball might be another shot too.) What a great idea Justin had and what great team work too! Here is the ensemble for this photo: Justin Gollmer from Studio 3, Inc. as photographer, Thomas Peterson from Studio 3, Inc. as senior digital artist, Aunjoli as model, Adam Satushek from Studio 3, Inc. as photographer's assistant, Lil Star as ball girl, Kamie Chang Kahlo as hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist

Take a look at another lucious photo of Aunjoli below.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait- Lil Star by Kamie Kahlo

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Shhhh, don't tell anyone but Lil Star just made a pair of matching TYTE jeans for her and her BFF! She drew pictures and wrote about their memories together. (LS got the idea from "THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS") The top she is wearing is COTTON CABOODLE with her own flower embellishments. I made her wig out of extra thick yarn, it's cute braided too! She used it when she was Wednesday from "The Adams Family" last year. The do rag is a hand-me-down and the shoes are SMARFIT from PAYLESS.

Adelita Style 101: Game On! by Kamie Kahlo

click on the photo for a nicer view

styling 101

step 1 • don’t neglect the body, especially in an athletic shot
step 2 • results! look how great those legs make the shoes look!
step 3 • the perfect cast; Justin as photographer, Adam as assistant, and Lil Star as ball girl
step 4 • after the perfect shot, it’s time for a wardrobe change
step 5 • game ON!

When photographers and stylists have a little down time... they do more of the same! Justin had a great idea for a super plastic, in focus athletic shot and when I saw the model Aunjoli's headshot, it was game on! For these shots, I didn't want to over do makeup and hair. Simple was best, shine was crucial. I used baby oil gel for her body and MARC JACOBS shimmer blush for the tops of her cheeks and high points of her bone structure, some pretty Nouba eyeshadow, super shiny beige NOUBA Sweet Kiss gloss and just a dash of black mascara did the trick. I swept her hair up into a neat ponytail and added an ADIDAS headband in plum. For her clothing, I chose a plum sportsbra as a top (she definitely had the abs for it), NIKE sweatbands and a kid's extra large tennis skirt in navy and plum (it was slim pickens at the stores), the shoes were PUMA. The second outfit was simple, a NIKE lime green sport top, adorable drawstring side shorts in black and, believe it or not, some DR. SCHOLL'S tennis shoes with a smidge of lime to pick up the color of the court. It was love, love all the way!

Contributors: Justin Gollmer as photographer, Aunjoli as model, Adam as assistant,
Lil Star as ball girl, Kamie Chang Kahlo as stylist and amatuer photographer

Haley Potter and the Half Blood Princess by Kamie Kahlo

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Guess what I saw today!? My version of Scary Potter is a little less spooky. I am wearing a crazy cut off men's shirt from African design label XULY BET. It's one of the first pieces I ordered after seeing it in a magazine. Was it Vogue? I can't remember, I only know it's from the early 90's and Helena Christensen was the model. (If you don't know who she is, think of the Chris Isaak video "Wicked Games" and if you don't know the video kids, you will just have to YouTube it!) The tie is a clip-on from FRENCH TOAST and the glasses are from TARGET's line of Halloween accessories. Both are borrowed from LIL STAR. Beneath the tie and cut off shirt is my favorite babydoll dress from ZETO. About the movie... Do you think I liked it? Well, why else would I wear this silly outfit? Of course I did!! By the way, which photo collage is your favorite?