kimchee girl

Kimchee-Girl by Kamie Kahlo

This spicy dish is the highlight of my banchan!
Here I am as a cartoon but once I snap my teeth around that hot daikon... everything will come to life. Have you ever had kimchee? It's spicy, garlicy, korean pickled cabbage and daikon radish condiment. The red pepper flakes wake up a plain ole bowl of white rice like nothing else! Say YUM to kimchee and rice.

Today's Adelita Style Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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I'm not even going to pretend that watching Bill Cunningham New York didn't have everything to do with my blog post today. If you love people watching, fashion and a beautiful human story, you must watch it!

This mini collage of photos starring me is an homage to the fact that pulling a fantastic outfit from your closet, or in this case Lucia's, is definitely not exclusive to designers, stars or stylists. Making an outfit is about your personal tastes and expression. And what a treat is was for me to be on the other side of the camera! Frankly, I was flattered... and nervous.

Because someone was dressing me this time, I felt as if each outfit was a costume and me the character. My favorite was the plaid 70's number because of the wide-legged pants and giant brimmed hat. It transported me to a place where models were lean and leggy, where the Carpenter's Top of the World (look it up kiddies) was playing in the background. My least favorite was the genie jumper. I kept saying, "Who am I?" It was almost too comfortable, made me feel like I was in pj's, which was weird. 

How clothes make you feel, Cunningham's On the Street column, talent is everywhere; all of these ideas lead to one thing, YOU are the taste-maker. So dress up! 

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Lucia as wardrobe stylist, Me as model, Kamie Kahlo from as designer

Our Herione Returns by Kamie Kahlo

Just as Wong Kar Wai was inspired by Hitchcock's "Vertigo,” Sean and I were inspired by Wong's "In the Mood for Love". And just as his film was an homage to his lovely leading ladies so is this short film honoring Sean’s photography and our heroine Crystal Loo's last appearance...

Crystal and her "play" lover have their final meeting in the dank underground alley's of Hong Kong. But as their game turns to reality our heroine realizes that their tryst has gone too far and Crystal flees their rendezvous to save her heart and her reputation.

contributors: Sean Watson as photographer, Crystal Loo as our heroine, Kamie Kahlo as stylist, Kimchee Girl as designer

Isn't it Romantic? by Kamie Kahlo

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Our romantic lead, Crystal Loo turns on her exotic charm once again and Sean Watson captures her haunting grace perfectly with a red gel, requested by me, in the anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

The story: Our dazzling heroine waits for her lover demurely checking her reflection, the pink light streaming into the room caressing her face, highlighting her glorious features. She is dressed in Dolce and Gabbana, a vintage necklace drapes her neck. She is ready for her suitor and he will revel in the beauty of his latest conquest. Isn’t it Romantic? Will her Valentine be worthy of her splendor?

I’ve always wanted to write a romantic Chick-Lit! Stay tuned for Part 3 of this romantic series featuring Crystal, Sean and me...

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

I always exercise my right to change my mind. Take a look at my desk. I have several cards to choose from; my graphics only KIMCHEE GIRL folded card, one of 30 different photos on my super skinny MOO cards, a simple GREEN TEA DESIGN square card, an ADELITA card with an illustration of a woman who bares a strange resemblance to FRIDA KAHLO, or maybe one of my sporty photoshoot cards. You can have one of each if you like! I'll just take one last swig of my salty Russian seltzer water that's sitting beside my collection before I leave.
Where am I headed off to today? I am going location scouting. In this chilly fall weather it's important to layer, we may run into rain, wind, maybe even a little sun peeking through the clouds. With my UGG boots and LTB skinnies I paired a deep cowl neck from SUCRE SOIR under a cozy ARMANI EXCHANGE gillet; a vintage hat, handmade necklace and TANO bag are the perfect accessories!