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Happy New Year! by Kamie Kahlo

A traditional Champagne cocktail consists of champagne poured over a sugar cube soaked in bitters
and garnished with a twisted orange rind. You can try it with sparkling water too!

Last night D and I rung in the New Year with laughter, while Lil Star wrapped her ears in a Skull Candy cave listening to “Bones” on her iPad and texting friends. We perched ourselves near a roaring fire as comedian after comedian “belted” out a secession of rapid-fire jokes from my Pandora station on my iPhone. I guess you could say we brought 2012 into our hearts the techno-way.

I made all of us Champagne cocktails and we toasted the New Year as the fireworks barely glowed over the rooftops on Queen Anne. It was, a very good year for me as a stylist. Just like those rapid-fire jokes, my 2011 was all about booking after booking. Finally, after too many years to tell, I worked steadily as a photo stylist and finished with the most successful year of my career! How did I do it? In the tough years preceding I just kept working. If I didn’t have a shoot, I made one. If it was below my pay-rate, I took it. If it was portfolio material, I was on it! I arrived with a smile on my face and I never, ever complained.
I also built a culture around me with Adelita Style and I made no compromises with my writing or “photojournalism”. And you all watched, read, followed, tweeted, and facebooked as I found my way through the years. You stayed post after post. I wrote fictional fashion stories; remember the one about the talking shoes? All of the triumphs and tragedies of the world didn’t go unnoticed, like Japan's 8.9 earthquake and Elizabeth Taylor’s passing. And mostly I wrote about style; Beauty Andrej Pejic’s rise to fame in a gender-bending fashion world, a Fashionista’s App for shoe-lovers , Vigoss jeans, Jeffery Campbell shoes, Missoni for Target and fashion advice.

It’s no surprise to me, that the first thing I did this morning, January 1st, 2012, is write a letter to you all. And I promise to do MORE. Because as much of a great year I had, I suffered tremendous losses the years preceding and often times my only nourishment was my family, friends and writing to you about my eternal love of fashion and style. Keep watching, reading, listening and commenting!

I wish you all the sparkliest, funniest, happiest, healthiest 2012!

Yoko Ono thinking of Japan by Kamie Kahlo

Photographs Annie Leibovitz 1970-1990
Annie Leibovitz shot this cover for Rolling Stone Magazine in 1980, 5 hours later John Lennon was shot and killed. I have been holding on to this photo of Yoko Ono and Lennon for some time looking for an excuse to post. Sadly, this was not the occasion I was looking for; Yoko Ono expresses her sorrow for her native country Japan.
My dear people of Japan: I feel numb now, as if I was there myself and hit with this disaster as you have been. Only just recently I visited Tokyo, and was delighted how beautiful, clean and quiet the city was! I didn’t expect a disaster like this to happen to the country I love so much.
One year, John, my husband, Sean and I were in the hotel in Tokyo. It was in the morning, and the earthquake suddenly hit three of us. I immediately grabbed Sean, who was still a little boy then. I went into an open closet, holding Sean tightly, and sat in there, keep repeating Namyohorengekyo. After the earthquake subsided, John laughed and said, he didn’t understand why I sat in an open closet. I explained to him that it was important that to be protected by a structure. Well, at least, that was what I was told when I was a child. The earthquake John, Sean and I experienced was not at all like the one you just experienced. But still my body is now shaking tonight from the memory of it.
So I feel deeply for you for having experienced the earthquake that was the severest in the history of Japan. It must have been so, so horrible. I extend my sympathy and love to each one of you. I’m very sorry that you had to go through what you went through. My heart is with you all the way.

Japan's 8.9 earthquake and aftershocks devastate Japan. by Kamie Kahlo

Click on photos above to go to National Geographic article.
Photograph from Kyodo/Reuters
Evacuees cling to one another in Tokyo's Shinjuku Central Park after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Miles from the epicenter, Tokyo felt the effects, about four million homes in the Tokyo area are without power.

As of this morning, it is believed that roughly 9,500 in Minamisanriku -- a town of 17,000 in Miyagi Prefecture -- remain missing or unaccounted for. As of Saturday evening there, police said that 621 were confirmed dead, with thousands more missing. More than 210,000 had been evacuated. A nuclear powerplant's explosion added to the devastation late last night. Please go to the American Red Cross to see how you can help.

Source: Photos from National Geographic, Info from National Geographic and Washington Post