janet jackson

What the *?! All Grown Up! by Kamie Kahlo

On the cusp of her 17th birthday, Miley Cyrus makes her emancipation from mouse ears in "Party in the USA." Twenty years before in 1989 Janet Jackson declared her independence from childhood on Rhythm Nation's seventh single, "Miss You Much." So what pulls a girl into her womanhood? For many of us girls it's a biological change followed by a series of hair, makeup and wardrobe choices that would make our daddy’s blush! As a stylist, I notice EVERYTHING. Was it Miley's "daisy dukes"? Her dark eyes? Those amazing country kicks Did Janet make it happen with her new "exposure"? Her fabulous, sophisticated updo? Was it Antonio Sabato Jr.? It was all of these things and more! But the pièce de résistance? Say “cheese” and smile! No one can smile like a woman, confident, happy and yes, sexy. I am on my way to pick up some Crest Whitestrips right now! Like Yeah!!