The 82nd Annual Academy Awards - Delictable Celebrities, Delightful Treats by Kamie Kahlo

click on this photo for a closer look! Oscar photos by Donato Sardella

I don't like to be interrupted while transforming myself into a couch potato for the 7 hours of redcarpet, Academy Awards and post show highlights, so I started preparing for the big night at 1pm with a little shopping at Uwajimaya, supplements at Trader Joes and an hour or so of slicing, mixing and sauteing. Et voila! Academy treats for 3! Our munchies included fresh crudites with onion dip, sweet and savory rice cakes with honey and sesame seeds, Korean sushi or kimbap consisted of tightly rolled sour pickled radish, julienned carrot, steamed spinach and omelet delicately seasoned with sesame oil with papaya, mango, passion fruit punch to quench the thirst. Here are my top picks for the
82nd Annual Academy Awards!
Oscar winner Sandra Bullock mimicked the statue itself and wore Marchesa and her own jewelry, Zoe Saldana looked like a blooming flower in her Givenchy couture lavendar and eggplant dress with Lorriane Schwartz and Jennifer Lopez dazzled us in her pale Armani Privé dress with the side train and Cartier.

Ask Adelita: White Idea by Kamie Kahlo

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Dear Adelita Style:

For some reason I am very in tune to white at the moment. I understand that it symbolizes clarity. But am I shunned from wearing it after Labor Day?

EQ- Seattle, WA

Dear EQ:

I say bring that stale tradition to it’s knees! Wearing white in the summer has long been a practice but why turn summer’s light clarity into winter’s forbidden pleasure? White spins into glamour, opulence and sparkle in the fall and winter. Take a look at these bright fashions from major players’ Fall/Winter 2009 collections. Which do you think is more daring, breaking convention or listening to the likes of DEREK LAM, D-SQUARED, FREJA BEHA ERICHSEN, GIVENCHY, MARC JACOBS, MUI MUI, or TAG? EQ, after this Labor Day put your white ON not out!