frida kahlo

Happy Birthday Frida! (Google's Fridarific Doodle) by Kamie Kahlo

Today the beautiful Frida Kahlo "is turning" 103, but she doesn't look a day over 30 thanks to Google's homage to the Mexican painter and activist. Google transformed "Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird." into a their signature doodle. Rather than her necklace of thorns, Frida has the word 'google' drapping her neck.

I have the same framed print of the portrait, the original not the google version, hanging in my family room. In fact my whole family room is dedicated to the prolific artist. Stay tuned for a home tour.

Cinco De Mayo: Frida Style by Kamie Kahlo

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Cinco De Mayo, commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. and is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla. It is not, as many people think, Mexico's Independence Day, which is actually September 16. In the United States we observe Cinco De Mayo by celebrating Mexican culture and those significant to it’s sovereignty. Sadly, I think our celebrations have little to do with our pride in our Latino neighbors.
“While politicians tonight toast Latinos with margaritas as they dip their chips into mild salsa they would be wise to remember that the battle that is being commemorated was one won by an outnumbered and grossly underestimated people determined to maintain their freedoms and independence. A tough lot to beat, just ask the French.” Mario Solis-Marich
As for me, I will celebrate my wildy underestimated neighbors both as Americans and Mexicans. Yes, while munching on chips and HOT salsa, but also knowing full well their incontrovertible existence into what for many years before and has now become a giant part of our American culture.

What better icon of Mexico and self-determination than the artist Frida Kahlo? It’s hard for me to choose which Frida to show you, so I will show you them all; The adoring wife/the mustached lesbian, the vapid invalid/the eager revolutionary, the tempting seductress/the discouraging muse, the focused collector/the prolific journalist, the joyous housewife/the Tehuana fashionista, the willing student/the rebellious child, the patriotic Mexican/the communist militant, the gentle animal lover/the motherless mercenary, the gregarious host/the recoiling superstar and the celebrated painter/the magnificent painting.

Portrait of Frida in the center was illustrated by me! Kamie Kahlo

A Little Somethin by Kamie Kahlo

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Here's a little somethin I 've been working on here in my studio at home. This Adelita Tee is waiting to be hand-sewn. I embellished this nude tank with adorable gingham and eyelit lace around the arm wholes to give a butterfly look to the "sleeves" and under the neckline for a bib effect. In the center of the bib are three Frida Kahlo buttons. They are from the paintings she did of herself in traditional Tehuana costume.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

I always exercise my right to change my mind. Take a look at my desk. I have several cards to choose from; my graphics only KIMCHEE GIRL folded card, one of 30 different photos on my super skinny MOO cards, a simple GREEN TEA DESIGN square card, an ADELITA card with an illustration of a woman who bares a strange resemblance to FRIDA KAHLO, or maybe one of my sporty photoshoot cards. You can have one of each if you like! I'll just take one last swig of my salty Russian seltzer water that's sitting beside my collection before I leave.
Where am I headed off to today? I am going location scouting. In this chilly fall weather it's important to layer, we may run into rain, wind, maybe even a little sun peeking through the clouds. With my UGG boots and LTB skinnies I paired a deep cowl neck from SUCRE SOIR under a cozy ARMANI EXCHANGE gillet; a vintage hat, handmade necklace and TANO bag are the perfect accessories!