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Ask Adelita: White Idea by Kamie Kahlo

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Dear Adelita Style:

For some reason I am very in tune to white at the moment. I understand that it symbolizes clarity. But am I shunned from wearing it after Labor Day?

EQ- Seattle, WA

Dear EQ:

I say bring that stale tradition to it’s knees! Wearing white in the summer has long been a practice but why turn summer’s light clarity into winter’s forbidden pleasure? White spins into glamour, opulence and sparkle in the fall and winter. Take a look at these bright fashions from major players’ Fall/Winter 2009 collections. Which do you think is more daring, breaking convention or listening to the likes of DEREK LAM, D-SQUARED, FREJA BEHA ERICHSEN, GIVENCHY, MARC JACOBS, MUI MUI, or TAG? EQ, after this Labor Day put your white ON not out!