camille paglia

Meat Mess by Kamie Kahlo

Poor Cher, a true original, hugging a piece of meat.

Lady Gaga's meat dress?! Ewww. Didn't like it when they did it on America's Next Top Model and don't like it now! Ms. Gaga whined in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, "I meant no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian." Later she retorted that the dress was meant to symbolize standing up for human rights, specifically addressing the fact that she's "not a piece of meat". Proving once again that trying too hard can never pay off. I find it interesting that in her quest to be herself, Lady Gaga has repeatedly copied not only musical and fashion icons, but stale ideas. "Not a piece of meat." Oh please. I'm with Camille Paglia on this one. As Madonna once sang, "Express yourself." My advice? Be yourself!

This post is dedicated to my beloved Dana.