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A Day the Life: Estelle, 13 by Kamie Kahlo

Estelle was trying her hardest not to smile for the camera. Tall and slender with big green, gold eyes and a full pout, she would glare at me every time I pleaded, "Look at me Estelle!" It wasn't that she was uncomfortable being photographed; it was that it was I on the other side of the camera. I’m her mama, the one that has been washing her tights and leotards for 10 years. Because, you see, Estelle is a ballerina. I tell the story of her dancing in the womb, gently pushing her hands and feet against the side of my tummy.

It’s true and she lives it to this day, pushing her hands and feet gently, not against my tummy, but against the studio air. She also manages to finesse the dance of leaving the nest while she keeps her eyes and ears at home. Because she is 13, she is entering one of the most exciting times of her life. As a teen Estelle wanders away from me a little bit every day. She does so with a graceful awkwardness. She is loving but tough as nails. She is confused yet has her feet firmly planted on the ground. I often marvel at her dance of life, so thoughtful. Her every move, however reckless, is carefully rehearsed and her positioning always perfect.

I spent some time photographing Estelle Sunday afternoon; Texting, filing her fake nails, texting, watching Fanboy and Chum Chum, texting, resting, texting, taking off her fake nails, snarling at the camera, re-doing her real nails, and texting.

Read all the deets on Estelle and scroll down for more photos of this beautiful girl. 

10 things I ♥:
  1. Friends
  2. Doing my nails over and over and over
  3. Crimping my hair
  4. Drawing
  5. Cody (my BF)
  6. Scary things
  7. Twinkie (favorite stuffie)
  8. Dancing
  9. Not smiling for the camera!
  10. Overdosing on my iPad- Psych and Bones

Top 5 on my playlist:
  1. So Sick, Ne-Yo
  2. Deuces, Chris Brown
  3. Mirror, Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars
  4. Where Dem Girls At, David Guetta ft. Flo Rider and Nicki Minaj
  5. How to Love, Lil Wayne

Fav Nom Noms: 
  1. Twix
  2. Skittles
  3. Milky Way
  4. Three Musketeers
  5. Fritos

Designer and Shopping Reveal:
  1. Coach shoes
  2. Nike dunks
  3. Adidas jackets
  4. Vans sneakers
  5. F21 everything
  6. Betsey Johnson dresses
  7. Papaya everything
  8. VS Pink
  9. Aeropostale
  10. Juicy hoodies

Sea NY by Kamie Kahlo

Cuties and Hipsters and Bunnies! Oh My!
You know I'm a sucker for sporty, feminine designs so, naturally, when I came across this photo I had to know just what that leggy model was wearing. Turns out this designer had a certain connection with one of my all time faves. Former design director at Betsey Johnson, Monica Paolini, formed Sea NY with Sean Monahan in 2006. This sweet, girlish line has fun with airplane prints, animal knits and, apparently, cute fluffy white bunnies in the streets of Manhattan. They are currently available in the states at Barneys.

Adelita Style 101: Test Shots by Kamie Kahlo

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styling 101

step 1 • organize your shot list, I drew cute little sketches
step 2 • dig in! set the stage for your "stars"
step 3 • when it's a big shoot, separate your items neatly and tag the shots
step 4 • pick a great photographer like David Bell from Studio 3, Inc.
step 5 • the perfect combination!

When you contact a photographer or they contact you to shoot for your portfolios this is called a "test." I keep busy with client work but whenever I get the chance, I set up my own test shoots! Seattle can be very conservative or at least my clients are, so it's important that I build my portfolio with photos that show off my skills. Booking the right photographer for the right shot is key. David Bell from Studio 3, Inc. is one of the best product guys I know. For this shoot we captured shoes and accessories in painted "boxes." I brought beautiful combinations from my closet and stores lent me handbags, shoes and jewelry. I asked David to coat panels in 3 different sheens of the same color of paint and we flipped them with each shot to get a different effect and reflection. Here we have pumps from and jewelry from Betsey Johnson. To see more go to my portfolio page on my website!

Black on Black by Kamie Kahlo

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Here I am playing with mixtures of feminine and masculine, much like Chanel does. Justin Gollmer and I shot this in his amazing new studio called Lucile. Here is a rundown on the goods:
  1. Jeffrey Campbell lace up booty sans tongue, wear fun tights with these!!
  2. Prada wedge, perfect with a wide leg pant.
  3. Report Signature pumps, you know what to do with these.
  4. Mara Fitch Jewelry aka Knitcake, layer these vintage babys on and even Karl Lagerfeld will swoon!
  5. Betsey Johnson open-toed pump, throw on a fabulous 40's dress and go Swing dancing.
  6. Juicy Couture jewelry boxes, I wear the bangles and showcase the boxes in my home. Bonus!
  7. Matisse Joplin rocker boot, skinny jeans and a black tank will take you to the next level, add a touch of fur (or faux fur) and you're "Almost Famous."
  8. My deliciously wicked and extra large Tano bag is not for the faint at heart. I carry my laptop in this one.
  9. All props are stylist (that's me!) own.

So next time you want to grit up your look a bit, think Biker Chic meets Lacey Siren and bring out your Dangerous!

Blancs De Blancs Wellies by Kamie Kahlo

Another great night with my bestie Dana and my hubbie D. This mid-January party out on the docks called for some sparkling Sophia in a can and plenty of Wellies. Hostesses Dana and Cynara made sure the girls were dressed to impress by holding a contest for best dressed wellies. I participated, of course, but not as much as the winner. She wore a cute hot pink sequined mini from Forever21 and scrumptious silver rain boots! Cynara showed up in extra shiny black ones, and I sported my little boy brown and black slickers paired with a gold accented cheetah print poncho from Betsey Johnson!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

SEAN asked the Kahlo family to Sunday brunch last week. Here are some photos of the new studio that Sean and Bennett share. (Bennett did a smashing job on turning the old basement into a great live/work studio!) That morning we had fried chicken and grits as requested by LIL STAR. She took Sean and I back into his photo studio for a quick couple of photos. Here's what I wore: a darling little sweater dress that Cherry gave me over grey leggings and stripey socks to cover my chicken legs, my BETSEY JOHNSON necklace draped over the sweater nicely, a leather jacket and vintage boots carried me through another rainy day and Lil Star did my hair Manga style and added a couple of cherry clips!

Birthday Betsey Part Deux by Kamie Kahlo

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Oh what fun it is to shop and shine! Here's the compilation "tape" of Betsey's B-day bash: We arrived as predicted, here I am in my Betsey dress and with me the beautiful food blog writer RACHEL ADAMS and of course, the incomparable SEAN WATSON photobabe! TANYA HARRIS (Saucy Sales Associate in photo #4) greeted us in her darling yellow prom dress while THERA LUCE (Marvelous Manager in photo #2) offered us special TROPHY cupcakes and refreshing wine. ESHA belly danced for us as we perused through the racks and fabulous sparkling jewelry cases. And that's when I fell in love with my special necklace that I posted a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the fabulous time BETSEY girls!!

Entourage: Kamie Kahlo stylist, model and graphic design, Sean Watson photographer, Rachel Adams, Tanya and Thera as super models, Esha as Belly Dancer

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Kickin back in a KITSON vintage Pink Floyd tee, HORN jeans, STREETS AHEAD belt and, oh yeah!, my killer BETSEY JOHNSON necklace with tons of everything I love: adorable pink teddy bear, ruffled dress, sweet kitty cat, hot pumps, sexy corset, frilly panties, black leather bows and chains, lots and lots of chains!!! Have a great weekend! Mah!

Birthday Betsey by Kamie Kahlo

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Hey girls! Just got a call from BETSEY JOHNSON in Seattle. August 5th is Betsey's birthday and you all are invited to celebrate! Discounts throughout the store and giveaway scheduled from 5pm to 7pm at 1429 5th Ave. So grab your crinoline skirts and meet me at the party! I will be the one wearing the black satin t-shirt mini with "Betsey" stitched in crystal on it.

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