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Happy New Year! by Kamie Kahlo

A traditional Champagne cocktail consists of champagne poured over a sugar cube soaked in bitters
and garnished with a twisted orange rind. You can try it with sparkling water too!

Last night D and I rung in the New Year with laughter, while Lil Star wrapped her ears in a Skull Candy cave listening to “Bones” on her iPad and texting friends. We perched ourselves near a roaring fire as comedian after comedian “belted” out a secession of rapid-fire jokes from my Pandora station on my iPhone. I guess you could say we brought 2012 into our hearts the techno-way.

I made all of us Champagne cocktails and we toasted the New Year as the fireworks barely glowed over the rooftops on Queen Anne. It was, a very good year for me as a stylist. Just like those rapid-fire jokes, my 2011 was all about booking after booking. Finally, after too many years to tell, I worked steadily as a photo stylist and finished with the most successful year of my career! How did I do it? In the tough years preceding I just kept working. If I didn’t have a shoot, I made one. If it was below my pay-rate, I took it. If it was portfolio material, I was on it! I arrived with a smile on my face and I never, ever complained.
I also built a culture around me with Adelita Style and I made no compromises with my writing or “photojournalism”. And you all watched, read, followed, tweeted, and facebooked as I found my way through the years. You stayed post after post. I wrote fictional fashion stories; remember the one about the talking shoes? All of the triumphs and tragedies of the world didn’t go unnoticed, like Japan's 8.9 earthquake and Elizabeth Taylor’s passing. And mostly I wrote about style; Beauty Andrej Pejic’s rise to fame in a gender-bending fashion world, a Fashionista’s App for shoe-lovers , Vigoss jeans, Jeffery Campbell shoes, Missoni for Target and fashion advice.

It’s no surprise to me, that the first thing I did this morning, January 1st, 2012, is write a letter to you all. And I promise to do MORE. Because as much of a great year I had, I suffered tremendous losses the years preceding and often times my only nourishment was my family, friends and writing to you about my eternal love of fashion and style. Keep watching, reading, listening and commenting!

I wish you all the sparkliest, funniest, happiest, healthiest 2012!

Ask Adelita: "S" is for Sexy by Kamie Kahlo

Victoria's Secret Crochet Mini Sweaterdress in Milk

Dear Adelita-

I'm attending an event and I don't want to upstage the hostess by wearing something too sexy. I have a vision of pink chiffon with a black motorcycle jacket. I can't find "the" chiffon dress anywhere! I am looking for a pale pink. Can you help?



Dear S,

"S," as in sexy, is totally okay... if it's tasteful. I love your idea of pairing an edgy black leather jacket with a softer silhouette. But I do believe the trouble you're having is because the two are very hard to mix without looking like a little girl gone bad. Instead of chiffon, try lace or better yet this super sexy crochet dress from Victoria's Secret in Milk. If you pair it with some great boots like the Frye Engineer Boot, you'll look trendy and confidently sexy but not overbearing!  


Ask Adelita: Snausages by Kamie Kahlo

black n brown keilbasa

black n brown keilbasa by Adelita Style featuring a sweetheart neckline dress

Dear Adelita-

I have a color dilemma. I have a great patterned dress that has lots of fun colors in it but no black. I would prefer to wear my black tights instead of brown (my legs tend to look like ground pork stuffed in casings if I don't wear black) and brown boots. Is it okay to wear black and brown together?

Sausage Legs

My Dear Little Keilbasa,

Yes you can wear black and brown together but if you are worried about showcasing your legs, this might not be the best bet for you. Wearing a patterned dress without black then brown then black again may cut you up into little bite-sized pieces. We may be hungry for fashion but we don't want that! Try the darkest brown legging you can find and then, yes, you can still wear your black boots. Just don't try brown shoes with black pants! Ewww.

Here's a little Polyvore to get you in the right direction. If it's good enough for Chanel, Burbery, Vuitton and little leopards running around Africa, it's good enough for us!


Pleated Bustier Dress
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Leena Ikat Pleat Front Dress
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Burberry Short suede trench coat
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Marvelous Match Tights
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Medium Canvas Shoulder Bag
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Diamante triangle ring
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Reykjavik Scarf
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Louis vuitton scarves »

Camel Check Umbrella
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Burberry umbrella »

Wall Art - Decor: - At Home
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Burberry logo

Ask Adelita: Indian Summer by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look!

Dear Adelita Style:

I'm new to the area helping a couple of lost travelers named Lewis and Clark discover your great territory. What does a girl wear for one of the last days of Seattle's Indian Summer?

"Sacagawea"- North Dakota

Dear Little Indian Princess:

You are a smart gal to stop and ask for style directions. (Guys can be so frustrating when it comes to that!) A fresh eyelet top from France, black THREE DOTS capri leggings, black ballet slippers from TARGET, accessorize with fabulous handmade prize ribbon pin and bubblegum pink!
You are sure to dazzle your clients and soak up some Northwest sun!

History lesson: Sacagawea was a career girl way back in the 1800's. This Shoshane woman along with her husband was the guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition conducted by two fellas, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. On their long trek from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean, Clark finally refers to Sacaqawea as "Janey" after she decides where they will camp. Was this a nickname derived from admiration of her intellect and outdoors-woman know how or simple adoration? I prefer the romance angle myself. Here is a cool read: Sacagawea's Nickname

Ask Adelita: White Idea by Kamie Kahlo

click on this image for a closer look!

Dear Adelita Style:

For some reason I am very in tune to white at the moment. I understand that it symbolizes clarity. But am I shunned from wearing it after Labor Day?

EQ- Seattle, WA

Dear EQ:

I say bring that stale tradition to it’s knees! Wearing white in the summer has long been a practice but why turn summer’s light clarity into winter’s forbidden pleasure? White spins into glamour, opulence and sparkle in the fall and winter. Take a look at these bright fashions from major players’ Fall/Winter 2009 collections. Which do you think is more daring, breaking convention or listening to the likes of DEREK LAM, D-SQUARED, FREJA BEHA ERICHSEN, GIVENCHY, MARC JACOBS, MUI MUI, or TAG? EQ, after this Labor Day put your white ON not out!