anna mischke

Anna Banana by Kamie Kahlo

Seattle doesn't offer many styling jobs for fashion shoots so whenever one comes up, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the process. For this collaboration Sean Watson did photography and design, Anna Mischke was our adorable model and I was the stylist contributing hair, makeup and wardrobe picks. I love these edgy collages featuring shoes from a local designer. Unfortunately, sometimes visions don't match up. The shoe designer was a bit reserved and afraid to take a chance. I say, fashion is exactly the right forum for taking chances. Sean did a spectacular job because...


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Anna's Kitty Surprise! by Kamie Kahlo

Guess what Anna got for Christmas? Yep, MORE Hello Kitty!! The Sanrio Fender Guitar, the Sanyo Hello Kitty Vacuum, a beautiful Tarina Tarantino Heart Toggle Pink Head Necklace, a subscription to ViVi and Popteen. No wonder she's so happy! Jelly can't wait to show Snoopy his gorgeous little dotted hoodie from Louis Dog. Oh what fun it is! Photography by Sean Watson. Styling, art direction and graphic design by Kamie Chang Kahlo.

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WOW!! by Kamie Kahlo

I know it's not exactly Monday morning but, I had to shop for a photoshoot. : ) Oh well... This week is HELLO KITTY week!! And, it will not be the last. Check out these amazing photos of our little Anna surrounded by all things kitty! Sean Watson photographed Anna in our studio in a room entirely constructed, art directed, styled and designed by moi. I thought this would be the perfect start to more kitty-licious-ness.

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