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Japan's 8.9 earthquake and aftershocks devastate Japan. by Kamie Kahlo

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Photograph from Kyodo/Reuters
Evacuees cling to one another in Tokyo's Shinjuku Central Park after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Miles from the epicenter, Tokyo felt the effects, about four million homes in the Tokyo area are without power.

As of this morning, it is believed that roughly 9,500 in Minamisanriku -- a town of 17,000 in Miyagi Prefecture -- remain missing or unaccounted for. As of Saturday evening there, police said that 621 were confirmed dead, with thousands more missing. More than 210,000 had been evacuated. A nuclear powerplant's explosion added to the devastation late last night. Please go to the American Red Cross to see how you can help.

Source: Photos from National Geographic, Info from National Geographic and Washington Post