alidra alic

Alidra Alic's Wonderland by Kamie Kahlo

Feel like I have died and gone to bijou heaven. Alidra Alic's exceptional contemporary jewely line entitled, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" are a surrealist look at the psychedelic world of Alice. Her world is full of treats like plastic marshmallows coated in candy dust, towering hyacinth rings reminiscent of Harry Potter, a magical cup of freshwater pearls calling, "drink me" and imperfect haunting cameos. Alic's pieces are not only uniquely interpreted, they are uniquely made. Alic explains, "With a strong emphasis on sensibility I illustrate my concept using a self-invented plastic technique in combination with precious metals and stones." This woman's jewelry evokes an immediate deeply visceral response, her work is both finery and art.