Snapette- The App for Snap Happy Fashionistas by Kamie Kahlo

How many times has someone stopped you on the street, at work, in a club and asked you about your shoes or that amazing bag you just purchased? If you are following me, I know it must happen ALL the time and I know you want to tell them all about it. Now you can! Or what about the thousands of accessories that you might be missing out on?! Can you imagine what's out there? Now you don't have to.

I downloaded Snapette back in July and have been enjoying it all summer! You know how I love taking photos and this app is perfect for my styling appetite. I snap photos of my shoes and favorite accessories and share them with other Snapettes. This app even lets me link up info like where you can buy my favorites. And of course I LOVE parrussing through other snap happy profiles to see what they have been seen in. Here's the skinny:

Share photos of bags and shoes you love:
- Take a photo or upload from your photo library
- Add details about brand, location and price
- Upload for others to discover

Discover great products by Hot, Near and New:
- Browse photos of shoes and bags uploaded by other users
- Select a shoe or bag to reveal brand, location, price and even get directions to the store
- Explore exclusive collections of top stores, brands, and bloggers

Socialize with other style mavens
- Love and comment on photos
- Follow other users and get inspired
- Showcase your best fashion finds in your own virtual “closet”

Check out their site and download the free app today! (Don't forget to look for me!)

Here's a cute little screenshot of my new favorite app!

Fashion Stories: Pelican by Kamie Kahlo

“I dare you!” she coaxed. “Try on the ugliest thing in here.” I perused the Goodwill, and a little something in the corner tucked under a mohair coat caught my eye. It was a single shoe, a lonely vessel waiting for a foot.I t wasn’t supposed to be there; someone had brutally cast it aside.

It was tres revolting, a satin disaster. Candy pink on its heel counter with a black pointy vamp.  It resembled a pelican.  The contrasting laces didn’t help the unsightliness. I peeked inside at the label, “GASP!!”

 “Do you KNOW who this is?!” I whispered the designer in my friend’s ear.
 “Get OUT!!” she screamed, “Let’s find the other one!” Our eyes darted back and forth as I picked up the pelican and we raced across the store to the shoe section. Endless rows of racks of forgotten, abandoned, discarded, distraught shoes called out, “Pick me!”
            "I’m yours,” a stiletto clicked.
            “No, me!” a sporty shoe squeaked.
            “I’m perfect for you,” a kitten heel purred. The pleading was maddening.
            I had to collect myself and focus on the pelican’s twin. Size 6.  Where was the “6” row? Passing the tens and nines I could hear the moaning. The eights were groaning. The sevens whimpered. Finally the sixes looked me in the eye like perfect soldiers, two by two by two… and then I saw a lonely pink and black tragedy, a left one.
            “Are you going to put them on? You have to get them!!”
            “But, they’re so… ugly.” I whispered, shielding the shoes from my harsh words.
            “How cruel,” I thought. Teasing this little misfortunate duo by rubbing my glorious paws against their silky insides; it was too unkind. This petite pair of shoes, it seemed, had never been touched. Could I really torment them?
            I could. I did. “I love!” I said with surprise as I slipped them on. “Huh, sometimes ugly is good,” I said to my friend. And the pelican twins and I lived happily ever after.

What Beauty Lies Beneath by Kamie Kahlo

Beneath 70 years of dust and cobwebs a "Sleeping Beauty's" treasures exploded into the art world proving that beauty never dies. Among the most valuable was a dreamy Giovanni Boldini portrait of his lover and muse, an actress who went by the name of Marthe de Florian. The woman, wrapped in a satin pink dress, was, in fact, the grandmother of the flats owner. Colored ribbons bundled passionate love letters from several powerful admirers of de Florian’s, but it was the love note from Giovanni Boldini that confirmed the auctioneer’s suspicions about the painting’s true identity. This beautiful story touched one admirer more than others- the highest bidder. Madame de Florian's painting sold for over 2 million euro.

On the eve of another photoshoot, a friend sent me news of this abandoned flat in Paris.

An old wooden stove and stone sink where time stood still.

A stuffed ostrich and a Mickey Mouse toy dating from before World War II.

Source: Winston Wächter Fine Art's eye on art

I Want This! by Kamie Kahlo

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I want these chairs! If it's good enough for BARBIE, it's good enough for me. I can only dream of sitting in these fabulous corseted, tutu-ed, Barbie covered slipper chairs with my TARINA TARANTINO BARBIE jewelry on. I can only envision myself combing my original Malibu Barbie's straightened locks, carefully pulling down her purple tinted sunglasses over her dreamy blue eyes. Ahhh, what a delightful fantasy. Or is it? There aren't many things that would make me want to go to Las Vegas but knowing that the Malibu Barbie Dream house furniture from Jonathan Adler's tribute for Barbie's 50th Birthday is just sitting there in a suite at the PALMS CASINO RESORT in Las Vegas is enough to make me want to book a VIRGIN ticket this moment! Dana, pack your pink pumps and lets jet!

inspiration: MATERIAL GIRLS

Today's Adelita Style Outfit by Kamie Kahlo

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Now remember that I am in Leavenworth, I just got out of the pool minutes ago and wandered into this darling shop called, "MAPEL" and how sweet it is! I am in love with this adorable dress with the split detail, dainty flutter sleeves and butter soft cotton/silk fabric from MELANIE RENEE DESIGN. This cute little dress called Juniper is only $136! And you can only find it at exclusive boutiques like MAPEL. Check out their site or make a special trip to this fraulein's haven in the mountains!

And So On... by Kamie Kahlo

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I heard this quote on the radio this morning from Eduardo Galeano, "Sometimes I am optimistic at noon, and then at 3 o'clock I am absolutely down on the floor. Later I recover, and then I fall again and so on." Galeano was talking about what happens to us everyday. Something is given, something is taken. Either way, you have to accept it as one thing leads to another. I awoke dreamy, I put on my layered bright white cotton gauze dress from TARGET with optimism. At 3 o’clock I looked down and saw the spot; Put on something else and that lead to a walk with Erika. Every day I will get and I will sacrifice. Knowing this helps just a little.

Moving Inspiration; Same Song, Second Verse, Korean Accent, Little Bit Worse by Kamie Kahlo

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How far is Sunriver? While technically it is 346 miles from Seattle, it might as well be a million miles from me because I CAN'T GO! Again! Every year this happens. I plan on attending D's little family outing and I have a job interview, or a photoshoot or, this year, the day before our departure we find out that no dogs are allowed. My little Maltese does not feel good about our move. If I am not with him, D says Snoopy stands in the bathroom of the house and howls till his little throat gets soar. I can't leave him or little Jelly Bean. I had to call my mommy and tell her that I wasn't coming by on the way to the resort. She sounded sad; she had to put away her Korean Bulgogi and special fish she was going to make for our dinner. I told her that I was missing daddy and she sounded concerned. "Oh I know," she said, "I missa heem too. Don't worry too muchie. You too skinny!" Truth be told, I really am a mess and I wish D and Lil Star would stay home but, I told them to go. Thank goodness none of them read my blog!

Moving Inspiration by Kamie Kahlo

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I have mixed feelings. I am moving out of my gorgeous townhouse and back into my darling little 50's rambler office and all. When you move from one place to another, you leave behind memories and begin new ones. There will be several posts for this. But for this one, Jelly and I were going through this year's collection of magazines and I pulled all of these ads for inspiration. I used to keep ALL of my fashion magazines. In fact when D and I met my headboard was constructed from stacks and stacks of magazines like VOGUE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, W and WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY. Of course the first move we made, he wasn't packing the several tons that I had collected. So, now every year I sit down with my puppies and pull sheets then I recycle the rest. One year, I had accumulated so many I was actually able to sell them. Made about $50!

Vocabulary Lessons by Kamie Kahlo

Buyer's Remorse is often related with the purchase of costly items some may consider superfluous but it may also stem from a sense of not wishing to be "wrong". In addition it is not always about the expense, often it is attributed to vulgar purchases. You know, you “thought” it was a good idea at the time. Like this wedding dress; I'm sorry but this is just a NO!

Tautou You, Coco! by Kamie Kahlo

Coco Avant Chanel came out the end of July in the U.K. and Coco Before Chanel is hitting U.S. theatres mid-September. In the story of Coco Chanel's rise from obscure beginnings to the heights of the fashion world, Audrey Tautou plays Coco. Anne Fontaine, the director says she cast Audrey as Coco because she looks exactly like Coco in her youth. In this clip Audrey talks about the fashion icon: "She wanted to be free. And it starts by free herself in the movement — by get rid of the corset and, you know, having the possibility to feel comfortable and have practical clothes, but which highlight woman personality instead of making them only a decoration, object.”

Game On! Part Deux by Kamie Kahlo

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Remember last week's post? Above is the concept in full form! Everything is in focus. So, what you are looking at is 3 different shots in 1! (The ball might be another shot too.) What a great idea Justin had and what great team work too! Here is the ensemble for this photo: Justin Gollmer from Studio 3, Inc. as photographer, Thomas Peterson from Studio 3, Inc. as senior digital artist, Aunjoli as model, Adam Satushek from Studio 3, Inc. as photographer's assistant, Lil Star as ball girl, Kamie Chang Kahlo as hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist

Take a look at another lucious photo of Aunjoli below.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait- Lil Star by Kamie Kahlo

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Shhhh, don't tell anyone but Lil Star just made a pair of matching TYTE jeans for her and her BFF! She drew pictures and wrote about their memories together. (LS got the idea from "THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS") The top she is wearing is COTTON CABOODLE with her own flower embellishments. I made her wig out of extra thick yarn, it's cute braided too! She used it when she was Wednesday from "The Adams Family" last year. The do rag is a hand-me-down and the shoes are SMARFIT from PAYLESS.

Haley Potter and the Half Blood Princess by Kamie Kahlo

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Guess what I saw today!? My version of Scary Potter is a little less spooky. I am wearing a crazy cut off men's shirt from African design label XULY BET. It's one of the first pieces I ordered after seeing it in a magazine. Was it Vogue? I can't remember, I only know it's from the early 90's and Helena Christensen was the model. (If you don't know who she is, think of the Chris Isaak video "Wicked Games" and if you don't know the video kids, you will just have to YouTube it!) The tie is a clip-on from FRENCH TOAST and the glasses are from TARGET's line of Halloween accessories. Both are borrowed from LIL STAR. Beneath the tie and cut off shirt is my favorite babydoll dress from ZETO. About the movie... Do you think I liked it? Well, why else would I wear this silly outfit? Of course I did!! By the way, which photo collage is your favorite?

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Garage sales are the new/old recycling! Here I am at M and E's house for a little lunch. Everything here on their porch is a vintage find, including me! I am wearing a great little yellow eyelit dress with a simple pair of flip flops and berry colored polish. Take a trip into someone's yard sale this weekend and you may find yourself doing something green.

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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Today's outfit is designed for cloudy weather. FOREVER 21 top in a fabulous irregular print, TARGET leggings, a darling little half cardigan with a puppy embroidered on it and around my neck sits my favorite TARINA TARANTINO butterfly necklace, this necklace was worn in turquoise and green in the movie 13 GOING ON 30!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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My father died early Friday morning. It was my privilege to be with him day and night for the last 4 days of his life in the hospice. He left very peacefully with my mother, my sister Peggy and me with him. I would like to thank my sister Peggy for being tirelessly at his side. I would like to send a kiss to my sister Nam for being my mother's rock. Thank you to my Kansas sisters for their love and concern, for their kindness. Thank you to all his grandchildren, I know it was so hard to see their grandfather in the hospital. Warm wishes to all of the sister's husbands, especially Ron. I appreciate my mother’s friends for continuing to nourish us when we didn’t feel like eating. Mostly thanks to my mom who was the only person in the world who could make my father happy and he the only one for her.

I am back home with my D and Lil Star in Seattle and working on a collage for my daddy's funeral. I am wearing a vintage slip with special vintage sewn on touches: two embroidered hankies, a gold and pink button, rickrack on the bottom of the hemline and pink stitching on the neckline and along the straps. Look closely at the collage above and you will see a great vintage photo of my handsome daddy in the upper right side.