adelita style 101

Adelita Style 101: Test Shots by Kamie Kahlo

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styling 101

step 1 • organize your shot list, I drew cute little sketches
step 2 • dig in! set the stage for your "stars"
step 3 • when it's a big shoot, separate your items neatly and tag the shots
step 4 • pick a great photographer like David Bell from Studio 3, Inc.
step 5 • the perfect combination!

When you contact a photographer or they contact you to shoot for your portfolios this is called a "test." I keep busy with client work but whenever I get the chance, I set up my own test shoots! Seattle can be very conservative or at least my clients are, so it's important that I build my portfolio with photos that show off my skills. Booking the right photographer for the right shot is key. David Bell from Studio 3, Inc. is one of the best product guys I know. For this shoot we captured shoes and accessories in painted "boxes." I brought beautiful combinations from my closet and stores lent me handbags, shoes and jewelry. I asked David to coat panels in 3 different sheens of the same color of paint and we flipped them with each shot to get a different effect and reflection. Here we have pumps from and jewelry from Betsey Johnson. To see more go to my portfolio page on my website!

Adelita Style 101: Vocabulary Lessons by Kamie Kahlo

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Ever heard of the term, "On Form"? This is referring to styling on a mannequin or dress form. Here I am with my fabulous "model" getting her all ready for her grocery store duty. This button down reminds me of those old fashioned candy store clerks. How cute!

contributors: Troy Wilkinson as photographer, Kamie Chang Kahlo as stylist

Adelita Style 101: Game On! by Kamie Kahlo

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styling 101

step 1 • don’t neglect the body, especially in an athletic shot
step 2 • results! look how great those legs make the shoes look!
step 3 • the perfect cast; Justin as photographer, Adam as assistant, and Lil Star as ball girl
step 4 • after the perfect shot, it’s time for a wardrobe change
step 5 • game ON!

When photographers and stylists have a little down time... they do more of the same! Justin had a great idea for a super plastic, in focus athletic shot and when I saw the model Aunjoli's headshot, it was game on! For these shots, I didn't want to over do makeup and hair. Simple was best, shine was crucial. I used baby oil gel for her body and MARC JACOBS shimmer blush for the tops of her cheeks and high points of her bone structure, some pretty Nouba eyeshadow, super shiny beige NOUBA Sweet Kiss gloss and just a dash of black mascara did the trick. I swept her hair up into a neat ponytail and added an ADIDAS headband in plum. For her clothing, I chose a plum sportsbra as a top (she definitely had the abs for it), NIKE sweatbands and a kid's extra large tennis skirt in navy and plum (it was slim pickens at the stores), the shoes were PUMA. The second outfit was simple, a NIKE lime green sport top, adorable drawstring side shorts in black and, believe it or not, some DR. SCHOLL'S tennis shoes with a smidge of lime to pick up the color of the court. It was love, love all the way!

Contributors: Justin Gollmer as photographer, Aunjoli as model, Adam as assistant,
Lil Star as ball girl, Kamie Chang Kahlo as stylist and amatuer photographer

Adelita Style 101: Styling Erin by Kamie Kahlo

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styling 101
step 1 • start with a good photographer
step 2 • goof around with your model to make her comfortable
step 3 • strike a pose
step 4 • flip it up and “say cheese!”

While working on a photo shoot, I decided to drag one of my stylish buddies on set. Erin is a great inspiration to all of us creative gals not only for her fashion flare but for her career path. She is a graphic designer at a leading brand merchandising company where her job entails designing major presentations for high profile clients! For our shoot, she is wearing an adorable GUESS sweater and boots with MEK Sydney Boot Stretch Jeans available at BUCKLE.

Contributors: Kamie Kahlo as stylist, Erin as model, Troy Wilkinson as photographer