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When She Cares: The Next Generation by Kamie Kahlo

Most of the time Lil Star dresses in a style like a plain brown wrapper and because she is so utterly beautiful, she still manages to shine. As hard as she may try, she is a star. In the blackest sky she sometimes fades into the darkness but mostly she is a beacon. When she cares, she is the north star, flashy, distinct and standing out like no other. I encourage her caring about her clothing, her hair, caring for her skin and I know that she misreads my intention. I see every bit of her special potential inside and out. But some of that is natural beauty which is not to be dumbed down because society has gone so far off the deep end as to say that beauty is wrong or bad. It is not bad. It's the next generation but only if we are willing to admit that nature loves beauty and so do we.

Vigoss Available at Meadow! by Kamie Kahlo

click on this photo for a better look!

Vigoss Denim is known for their trend-setting washes but did you know how affordable this little line from Istanbul is? These Turkish delights are right around $50! At that price, you can afford a pair with the newest purple pocket stitching and some with cute little rhinestones like the ones I shot at our feature boutique. You can get these yummies on line but, take a walk to the Meadow and try em on! If you live out of town give this trendy boutique a call (206) 659-4963 and they'll be happy to ship you the latest.

Car Bag by Kamie Kahlo

You've heard of carpet bags, right? Well the editor from Fancy Green sent me this "Car Bag" made by English Retreads to review. I call it a Car Bag because all the "leather" you see is actually made from recycled car tires and it matches not only my little boy rain boots, it also just happens to match my car! I took it for a test drive while running from boutique to bank to studio. Because it's made from tire rubber, I recommend NOT overstuffing it like I tend to do. It's plenty tough but it makes it a little heavy. The Hybrid, as they call it, comes in 6 colors all of which happen to match the little Mazda3... zoom-zoom!

Madison High Meadow by Kamie Kahlo

The Twilight movie is set in the very-real town and surrounding areas of Forks, Washington. But due to cost factors and special incentives offered by Oregon, the film was primarily shot in the Portland and the Saint Helens area. So while it might be located in Portland, Madison High actually filled in for mostly interior shots as Forks High School in the film, while the majority of exterior scenes were done up north at Kalama High School in Kalama, Washington. On our little Spring break we payed a visit to this Madison High while we were in Portland.

Cast: Rainbow as Bella in a red jacket from F21 and Urban Outfitters forest green buckled rain boots and Lil Star as Edward in her Curious George sweatshirt and GapKids jeans.

It was mighty chilly "filming" on the steps of the high school.

Rainbow makes a beautiful Bella, don't you think?

Baby Brother by Kamie Kahlo

On a short vacation with Lil Star, we decided to pay my baby brother a visit. At Christmas my two sisters and I decided it was time for my mother to don the ultimate accessory, a small dog. Sammy is a Pekingese who from that day on has sat at my mother's feet. He swishes his long mane around the carpet like an expensive mop, no feet in sight. And in a few short months he has learned to dance, shake hands, bark for his food and kiss a rag doll that my mother made! But this 2,000 year old Qing Dynasty Treat is not just decoration, he is part of the family, my baby brother.

P.S. What is he wearing? Only a beautiful dog like Sammy could get away with going commando under a fur coat.

Pocket-Size Nicole Hits it Big with Winter Kate by Kamie Kahlo

"Do you want to come see Nicole Richie with me?" I squeeked.

"Why would I want to do that?" Dana chortled back.

I would show her! Nicole Richie has been a fashion icon since her days with Rachel Zoe. This little rebelious pixie isn't just about her famous on again off again relationship with Paris Hilton. Keep up! Ms. Richie has blossomed into a beautiful designer; Last year with her charming jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 and this Spring with her bohemian dream collection Winter Kate.

I dragged Dana downtown to Nordstrom for Nicole's personal appearance and instead of standing in line for an autograph, I decided to SHOW Dana that I wasn't just a stalker. We bee-lined it straight to the Winter Kate racks in Savvy where Jenelle showed us the line. We grabbed 5 key pieces and I swear I heard Dana say, "This is so me!" when she picked up the Grace chiffon tunic.

When we got to the dressing room, there were about 10 pieces from the line. "Good girl Jenelle," I thought. The Savvy girl had paired our picks with vests, pants and complimenting scarves. We ooooed and ahhed over every garment. We gasped at the reasonable prices. My girl Dana had to admit it, this stuff wasn't just good it was great! "I need to get myself into this dress!" I cooed while looking into my reflection in the Grey floral Kimono Dress, "There's a photo of Nicole in this and it's like dragging all over the floor! I love! I must have!" Dana purchased a Winter Kate navy cami and House of Harlow peacock ring.

I thought this would be a good time to say it, "Do you want to stand in line?"

"Sure." Dana smiled.

I have two autographed postcards! (Dana gave me her's.) I LOVE it when I'm right!

Hero Shot by Kamie Kahlo

I knew I wanted to do a product shot showcasing perfume so I started hunting down the perfect objects to support my concept. When I saw these darling lace panties with "I DO" stitched on the side in sparkling crystals from QA Dispatch, my lovely bottle shot became a wedding story. Tiny presents for her bridesmaides, a vase full of white roses, a delectable cupcake custom made for me from Wink, Erin's rococo table, heirlum bust and squishy antique chair set the scene. Maybe our bride was waiting in the wings, getting ready for her walk down the isle. What didn't make the shot? A stack of wedding magazines that I didn't quite have a place for. And what was the fragrance, who was our hero? Dolce & Gabbana's L'eau The One, of course.

Photographer: Lucien at Studio 3, Inc.

New Moon, Ancient Sun by Kamie Kahlo

"I reached the edge of the pool of light and stepped through the last fringe of ferns into the loveliest place I had ever seen. The meadow was small, perfectly round, and filled with wild flowers - violet, yellow, and soft white. Somewhere nearby, I could hear the bubbling music of a stream. The sun was directly overhead, filling the circle with a haze of buttery sunshine." Stephenie Meyer, Twilight
Beneath the living room window is a massive cowhide that we have named, "Lucky No. 7" because the brand for this particular bovine was, yes, the number 7. I often find the puppies sprawled out basking in the sun on it and this time I thought I would join them. Since we just rented, "New Moon" I am thinking of the field where Edward and Bella lay silent. From the amber color of my eyes you can see that I am channeling the vampire in me. If only my Edward were here. Sigh.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards - Delictable Celebrities, Delightful Treats by Kamie Kahlo

click on this photo for a closer look! Oscar photos by Donato Sardella

I don't like to be interrupted while transforming myself into a couch potato for the 7 hours of redcarpet, Academy Awards and post show highlights, so I started preparing for the big night at 1pm with a little shopping at Uwajimaya, supplements at Trader Joes and an hour or so of slicing, mixing and sauteing. Et voila! Academy treats for 3! Our munchies included fresh crudites with onion dip, sweet and savory rice cakes with honey and sesame seeds, Korean sushi or kimbap consisted of tightly rolled sour pickled radish, julienned carrot, steamed spinach and omelet delicately seasoned with sesame oil with papaya, mango, passion fruit punch to quench the thirst. Here are my top picks for the
82nd Annual Academy Awards!
Oscar winner Sandra Bullock mimicked the statue itself and wore Marchesa and her own jewelry, Zoe Saldana looked like a blooming flower in her Givenchy couture lavendar and eggplant dress with Lorriane Schwartz and Jennifer Lopez dazzled us in her pale Armani Privé dress with the side train and Cartier.