One Bright and Cheerful Baguette for Breakfast Please by Kamie Kahlo

While nibbling on a little treat and checking email, my Miami connection pinged me this morning with her heart all a flutter. She stopped a girl on the street and asked her about a darling little blag she was carrying. Then our willing victim gave up her info. I quickly confirmed that Ecoist bags were in fact heart flutter worthy! I much prefer this little Confetti Baguette to my seedy bagel! I'll take this one for breakfast please ViVi!!

Today's AdelitaStyle Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

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What does a girl choose to go with her Japanese nail art and a sweet issue of VIVI Magazine? For me, I chose a GILLIGAN and O'MALLEY eyelet tank, my ADELITA wrap skirt in baby pink gingham with lace trim and an adorable toile pocket, some YUM POP flip flops, and a TARINA TARANTINO HELLO KITTY PINKHEAD ponytail necklace.

Anna's Kitty Surprise! by Kamie Kahlo

Guess what Anna got for Christmas? Yep, MORE Hello Kitty!! The Sanrio Fender Guitar, the Sanyo Hello Kitty Vacuum, a beautiful Tarina Tarantino Heart Toggle Pink Head Necklace, a subscription to ViVi and Popteen. No wonder she's so happy! Jelly can't wait to show Snoopy his gorgeous little dotted hoodie from Louis Dog. Oh what fun it is! Photography by Sean Watson. Styling, art direction and graphic design by Kamie Chang Kahlo.

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Hello Kitty Overload by Kamie Kahlo

Kanani "Kitty" was a natural for our second model! She not only LOVES all things kitty, (she even brought her own stuffed Hello Kitty) she's a big follower of ViVi Magazine and Popteen! Once again, Sean Watson photographed and I styled and designed for this shoot. ♥ Let's also give a shout out to Lil Star, she was a huge contributor in the prop department. ♥

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WOW!! by Kamie Kahlo

I know it's not exactly Monday morning but, I had to shop for a photoshoot. : ) Oh well... This week is HELLO KITTY week!! And, it will not be the last. Check out these amazing photos of our little Anna surrounded by all things kitty! Sean Watson photographed Anna in our studio in a room entirely constructed, art directed, styled and designed by moi. I thought this would be the perfect start to more kitty-licious-ness.

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Today's Self Portrait by Kamie Kahlo

Let's focus on the top cuz it's so hot! JWLA hyper-embroidered hoodie which comes off with awesome pockets and cool hangie thingies, Not-Dallas Cowboys hat- it's a Star cap, Tarina Tarantino lucite and crystal bracelets- small, medium and large, my pretzel necklace. I am holding my favorite Japanese magazine VIVI- become a fan! Don't I look tuff!

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