Fashion Stories

Happy New Year! by Kamie Kahlo

A traditional Champagne cocktail consists of champagne poured over a sugar cube soaked in bitters
and garnished with a twisted orange rind. You can try it with sparkling water too!

Last night D and I rung in the New Year with laughter, while Lil Star wrapped her ears in a Skull Candy cave listening to “Bones” on her iPad and texting friends. We perched ourselves near a roaring fire as comedian after comedian “belted” out a secession of rapid-fire jokes from my Pandora station on my iPhone. I guess you could say we brought 2012 into our hearts the techno-way.

I made all of us Champagne cocktails and we toasted the New Year as the fireworks barely glowed over the rooftops on Queen Anne. It was, a very good year for me as a stylist. Just like those rapid-fire jokes, my 2011 was all about booking after booking. Finally, after too many years to tell, I worked steadily as a photo stylist and finished with the most successful year of my career! How did I do it? In the tough years preceding I just kept working. If I didn’t have a shoot, I made one. If it was below my pay-rate, I took it. If it was portfolio material, I was on it! I arrived with a smile on my face and I never, ever complained.
I also built a culture around me with Adelita Style and I made no compromises with my writing or “photojournalism”. And you all watched, read, followed, tweeted, and facebooked as I found my way through the years. You stayed post after post. I wrote fictional fashion stories; remember the one about the talking shoes? All of the triumphs and tragedies of the world didn’t go unnoticed, like Japan's 8.9 earthquake and Elizabeth Taylor’s passing. And mostly I wrote about style; Beauty Andrej Pejic’s rise to fame in a gender-bending fashion world, a Fashionista’s App for shoe-lovers , Vigoss jeans, Jeffery Campbell shoes, Missoni for Target and fashion advice.

It’s no surprise to me, that the first thing I did this morning, January 1st, 2012, is write a letter to you all. And I promise to do MORE. Because as much of a great year I had, I suffered tremendous losses the years preceding and often times my only nourishment was my family, friends and writing to you about my eternal love of fashion and style. Keep watching, reading, listening and commenting!

I wish you all the sparkliest, funniest, happiest, healthiest 2012!

Fashion Stories: Spring's Lazy Adolescense by Kamie Kahlo

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With each drop of rain the promise of summer seems further from the truth. And somehow when the sun comes out its agreement to stay and linger feels fraudulent. There is no end in sight. Mid-May and we were heading for the record cold temperature of all time, the most amount of days without warmth. My Wellies lay in the corner cracked and overused. They are my transportation in these months. They get me from A to B and above them is the classic trench tightly banded around the waist. For those of us in fashion, we know, spring is like puberty.

The anticipation is hellish and wet. The day’s wardrobe is a jumble of confusion brought on by the awkward feelings that are culminating. I want to bare my skin! I start there, with my skin. Then, I layer a lace cami, over it a low-cut silk tee. The worm’s fibers will keep me warm without looking bundled. But now my neck is cold, how about that never ending floral scarf from Paris? Yes, that feels like spring, but what about below. I long for a short skirt or shorts. They look so comely, so sexy, so untouched and innocent at the same time. I can’t possibly show these awkwardly pale legs that have yet to reach their summer potential. It seems unfair to put the shorts off; literally, so I pull on a pair of leggings, (Have you seen the sheer ones with the stirrups?) and then layer the shorts over. And with this outfit I have successfully fooled myself into thinking… just in case the sun comes out, I will be ready to peel myself like an orange.

Because summer is like first love. The heat swells in us like a hot sweet fruit, juice falling from the corners of our mouths.

Fashion Stories: Pelican by Kamie Kahlo

“I dare you!” she coaxed. “Try on the ugliest thing in here.” I perused the Goodwill, and a little something in the corner tucked under a mohair coat caught my eye. It was a single shoe, a lonely vessel waiting for a foot.I t wasn’t supposed to be there; someone had brutally cast it aside.

It was tres revolting, a satin disaster. Candy pink on its heel counter with a black pointy vamp.  It resembled a pelican.  The contrasting laces didn’t help the unsightliness. I peeked inside at the label, “GASP!!”

 “Do you KNOW who this is?!” I whispered the designer in my friend’s ear.
 “Get OUT!!” she screamed, “Let’s find the other one!” Our eyes darted back and forth as I picked up the pelican and we raced across the store to the shoe section. Endless rows of racks of forgotten, abandoned, discarded, distraught shoes called out, “Pick me!”
            "I’m yours,” a stiletto clicked.
            “No, me!” a sporty shoe squeaked.
            “I’m perfect for you,” a kitten heel purred. The pleading was maddening.
            I had to collect myself and focus on the pelican’s twin. Size 6.  Where was the “6” row? Passing the tens and nines I could hear the moaning. The eights were groaning. The sevens whimpered. Finally the sixes looked me in the eye like perfect soldiers, two by two by two… and then I saw a lonely pink and black tragedy, a left one.
            “Are you going to put them on? You have to get them!!”
            “But, they’re so… ugly.” I whispered, shielding the shoes from my harsh words.
            “How cruel,” I thought. Teasing this little misfortunate duo by rubbing my glorious paws against their silky insides; it was too unkind. This petite pair of shoes, it seemed, had never been touched. Could I really torment them?
            I could. I did. “I love!” I said with surprise as I slipped them on. “Huh, sometimes ugly is good,” I said to my friend. And the pelican twins and I lived happily ever after.