Chloë's Senior Project by Kamie Kahlo

A few months back Chloë Bell invited me to her senior project: Fashion Through the Decades. Chloë found clothing from thrift and discount stores and styled a couple from each era. I met this sweet girl, petite and blonde with anime eyes when she needed me to style her for some alternative senior pics so, I thought it would be great to see the beginnings of what might just be this young girl's career.

The show was great! The female models catwalked on stage to model their era's outfit. The girls were followed by male partners dressed appropriately to match, then a small dance errupted from the music playing. Each couple was sharply lit and in the finale, everyone jitterbugged, hustled and twisted together as a group.

Our little stylist and producer not only put on a good fashion show, she provided the guests with hand-drawn programs and coupons were handed out from the stores where the models clothes came from! In my school of fashion, you get an A+ Chloë!!

Photos by Sean Watson. Design by