MLK: Three Landmark Speeches / by Kamie Kahlo

Please consider taking a moment to sit down and listen. Listen to one of the great American leaders of our time, Martin Luther King, Jr., on a day that celebrates not only the man but mostly his path to righteousness and peace. When you find something to die for, your reason for living crystalizes. It's a dream that Dr. King, I believe, achieved both for himself and for all of us who are privileged to hear his words. The following is a description of the radio show you are about to hear.
"Peace Talks Radio producer Paul Ingles interviews two leading King scholars, asking each to pick speeches from those years to focus on. You’ll hear from Dr. Vincent Harding, Professor of Religion and Social Transformation at Illiff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado and a personal friend and speech writing colleague of Dr. King in the 1960’s. Also mixed into our program, you’ll hear Dr. Clayborne Carson, who at Coretta Scott King’s request, has been directing the King Papers Project since 1985. Dr. Carson established the Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute at Stanford University in 2005.  The speeches these scholars chose were… King’s last address, the night before his assassination in Memphis in April, 1968.  Also, the speech he made a year to the day before he was killed, called “Beyond Vietnam,” in which Dr. King came out publicly and explicitly in opposition to the Vietnam War. And from March of 1965, Dr. King’s remarks that he made at the conclusion of the Selma to Montgomery marches, considered a turning point in the struggle for Voting Rights and equality for African Americans."
Click on this link. And have a happy and reflective MLK day!